Book: "D-Days Girls"

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Book: "D-Days Girls"

Post by South » 22 Apr 2019 10:12 ... 203108935/

Good morning all,

Article about new book on the Brit's SOE's female members.

I do not understand article's "patriarchal notions of what it means to be female".

Ref: "...women's narratives..."; I have here the printed on pulp hearing transcripts, dated 25 May 1977, titled "Hearing before the Veterans Affairs United States Senate ...Recognition For Purposes of VA Benefits" regarding the "WASP hearings" - Women's Air Service Pilots". To repeat: 1977.

My schedule, when adding leisure time, precludes me from reading Odette's story. More depressing than reading the - recorded narratives - of Margaretha Zelle (Mata Hari) is reading about the older Odette look-alike, Odile.

Gallows humor: "lounging in a hot tub in Hawaii".

~ Bob

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