Visible WWII Damage in Berlin

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Visible WWII Damage in Berlin

Post by South » 23 Apr 2019 08:03 ... -ii-damage

Good morning all,

Article and a picture of a wall about WWII combat damage still visible at a section of Berlin's S - Bahn rapid transit system.

Note the political philosophy involved: "Battle scenes ... left also as a warning"; "the damage remains without much effort to conceal it".

Article also mentions 2 area museums.

I post this knowing that a contrary political philosophical view is to "sanitize" battle areas frequented by the public.

~ Bob

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Re: Visible WWII Damage in Berlin

Post by Aber » 30 Apr 2019 12:25

Not just in Berlin

There are a number of blitzed churches left as shells in central London: ... st-london/

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