Normandy landings have failed.

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Re: Normandy landings have failed.

Post by rcocean » 07 Jul 2019 19:05

IRC, Ike's big decision was to go ahead with D-Day, despite the iffy weather forecast. The invasion occurred between a break in the weather. In case, the rough seas and high winds made the D-Day Invasion a failure, Ike wrote this note. It goes without saying that Marshall would NEVER have relieved him for giving the Go-ahead and taking a risk. George Marshall was constantly pushing his subordinates to take more risks and not be too cautious.

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Re: Normandy landings have failed.

Post by OpanaPointer » 14 Jul 2019 15:47

Concur. Marshall had groomed Ike to take his job in Washington so he could go lead the invasion of France some day. That kind of person would have been someone GCM could trust to make a good decision at times like this.
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