Tank Reinforcements in Normandy

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Tank Reinforcements in Normandy

Post by MisterJay » 22 Dec 2019 16:53

I have been scouring the forum to see if I could find a post containing my answer, but have not found it so far. What I'm wondering is what were the monthly tank reinforcements to Normandy (and OKW in total) from june 6th 1944 up to the surrender of the German Reich? If anyone could provide numbers and models that would be of great help.

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Re: Tank Reinforcements in Normandy

Post by Kelvin » 29 Dec 2019 10:42

The battle of Normandy ended on 31st Aug 1944. Book " Normandy 1944" contains panzer reinforcement data. But not many in fact, Pz Lehr division and 2.Panzer divisions even did not receive any reinforcement until the end of Campaign.

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