Inquiries for OB West and OB South Commands 1943-1944

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Inquiries for OB West and OB South Commands 1943-1944

Post by RJB44 » 21 Jan 2020 04:52

Curious to know why GFM Rundstedt as Commander of OB West did not have full operational control of Wehrmacht forces in the Western theater, to include Luftwaffe, Naval, and Security forces? My understanding is that GFM Kesselring, as commander of OB South, did have such control of all Wehrmacht forces in the South. A few other inquiries regarding commands/commanders:

Was GFM Rommel subordinate to GFM Rundstedt during his assignment to inspect defenses, or did he become a direct report only when he assumed command of Army Group B.

I believe Army Group G (South) under GO Blaskowitz, fell under the command of OB West? Please correct me if wrong.

Some readings have indicated the the Military administration and garrison troops in occupied France were not under the command of OB West? Again, correct me if wrong.

Were Rommel and Model the only GFMs who were subordinate to another GFM (at different times)? Rommel having been under Rundstedt, Kesselring, and Kluge (1943-44); and Model under Rundstedt and Kluge (1944).


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