German forces holding Frescaty airfield

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German forces holding Frescaty airfield

Post by Texas Jäger » 23 Apr 2023 22:11

The Frescaty airfield near Metz was captured by the 5th ID, mainly 11th Infantry regiment, in mid November 1944, after heavy fighting. Does anyone know what German units were defending it? The situation maps of the time show 17. SS, 21. Panzer, and 452 zbv in the area. Zaloga mentions the 2d Infantry regiment repulses a counter attack by elements of the first two units during this period, but what were the German units defending the actual airfield?

EDIT: ok, I see mention of a festung machine gun battalion (48th) in the U.S. official history, and 17. SS elements in the same area. Were there any elements of 21. PzD defending at or near the Airfield?

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