French Resistance Hides 2 New French Aircraft Designs From Luftwaffe

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French Resistance Hides 2 New French Aircraft Designs From Luftwaffe

Post by Richard Stone » 07 Oct 2023 09:21

The two attached short articles discuss the successful effort of the French Resistance to hide two new aircraft designs from being used by the Luftwaffe.

Both articles were printed in the USA professional military reference magazine ‘Military Review’.The first article was printed in the September 1945 edition and the second one was printed in the April 1948 edition.

Combat Notes- Mil1 Review Sept 1945 - French Resistnce Arcft-1.png
Combat Notes- Mil1 Review April 1948 - French Resistnce Arcft-2.png
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Re: French Resistance Hides 2 New French Aircraft Designs From Luftwaffe

Post by Carl Schwamberger » 13 Oct 2023 16:48

We cant say definitively the Luftwaffe would have not built these, had they the plans and models. However the Germans did make little use of the French aircraft industry. What they did use it for was parts & subassemblys, stripping tools and stockpiled materials from the manufacturing sites, and transferring skilled French laborers to German factories. Theres been a low level debate over the decades if the Germans could have gained much more from the French aircraft industry. One obstacle was availability of Aluminum. It appears German & Italian industry had the capacity to use all available. Additional production capacity would not have been much used for lack of additional aluminum is the argument.

The same seems to be the case for other sectors of French industry, specifically armored vehicles and transport automobiles. Limited production of the latter continued, but the priority was for removing machine tools and labor to factories in Germany. The Germans showed little interest in French tank designs or production capacity. A few tracked vehicle chassis saw limited production, and some parts were made for the existing vehicles the Germans salvaged. But, to a large degree the French factories were underused.

The clearly most important item the French concealed from Germany was the penetration of the Enigma encryption system. The French had taken in the Polish experts in this and were making progress on getting to the large scale decryption of Enigma encoded radio traffic. Not only did the French intelligence service conceal this from their enemy, but they continued limited operations through 1941 & 1942. When the Germans executed Operation Anton in 1November 1942 the French and Polish cryptographers were sucessufully exfiltrated from Europe to the UK.

The French also concealed plans for some advanced AFV. One example was the ARL tank. Plans and parts were on hand for a modern looking thirty tonner with a 90mm gun in the turret. The 1940 specs for the 90mm gun were comparable to US and British late war designs.

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Re: French Resistance Hides 2 New French Aircraft Designs From Luftwaffe

Post by harrisonford » 21 Oct 2023 04:05

During World War II, the French Resistance played a crucial role in sabotaging German efforts and supporting the Allied cause. One notable example of their efforts was the hiding of two new French aircraft designs from the Luftwaffe, the German air force.

The French Resistance, composed of various resistance groups and individuals, worked covertly to gather intelligence, disrupt German operations, and protect valuable assets. In the case of the aircraft designs, their goal was to prevent the Germans from obtaining advanced French technology.

To accomplish this, members of the Resistance carefully concealed the aircraft designs in secret locations, often in remote areas or underground hideouts. They employed tactics such as camouflage, false documentation, and strict compartmentalization to maintain secrecy and prevent detection by German forces.

By hiding these aircraft designs, the French Resistance aimed to deny the Luftwaffe access to advanced French aviation technology, which could have potentially strengthened the German war effort. Their actions not only protected mapquest driving directions valuable assets but also contributed to the overall resistance effort and the eventual liberation of France.

The efforts of the French Resistance during World War II continue to be celebrated for their bravery, resourcefulness, and contribution to the Allied victory. Their actions serve as a testament to the power of determination and resistance against oppression.

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