Help Needed! Voluteers with basic GIS knowledge required.

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Help Needed! Voluteers with basic GIS knowledge required.

Post by pey » 31 Oct 2023 22:23

Hi to all!

Since a long time I am collaborating with the Canadian website (
In view of the 80th anniversary of the Normandy Landings, we finally begun an improvement of the web map.
By my side, I had the task of improving the German Unit positions using the "Lage Frankreich" maps from June 6th to August 31st, 1944.
I previously improved German Unit positions for the period September 1st-30th, adding units that were not present in the 21th Army Group daily maps, the original source.
I am asking for volunteers to help me in this task and speed up the work, that should be ready for May 2024.
Better knowledge would be ArcGIS, but you can also help through GoogleEarth or similar.
I can give more information here if anybody is interested in helping.
There's also the Project44 Discord Server, where all volunteers can join and discuss their mapping activity, or just look aroud at what has been shared until today.

Thank you in advance
Federico Peyrani

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