Most fearsome ship navigating the Atlantic??

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Post by varjag » 30 Jun 2004 12:04

kelty90 wrote:From the Germans point of view, how about the US Liberty Ships as the most fearsome thing!.
Cheap, mass-produced, easily replaced if sunk...and conveying US military might; men and equipment, to Britain and later Europe.
There is also a case to be made for US trucks as being the most "fearsome" item of Allied land equipment (how else would the Red Army have got to Berlin?).
Perhaps true, but more in the vein of lemmings or grasshoppers. Individually they are not fearsome - but the masses of them certainly can upset anyone. They made a largely unsung contribution to the Allied victory. Not only in the Atlantic - but on the Eastern Front. Kelty's question how the Red Army would have made it to Berlin without all those Studebakers - is very valid.

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