rumour about units in holland 1945

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Re: Oregon

Post by Ulex » 30 Jun 2004 00:00

HaEn wrote:Thanks. Oregon is indeed one of the few states with moderate climate, average rain, average sunshine, mountains, prairy AND sunny beaches.
You know the story of the Mormon trek westwards ? And them stopping in the Salt lake Valley in Utah ? Brigham Young, who was sick, looked out of the covered wagon and proclaimed "this is the place". So that's where they set up their colony. I THINK 8O :D they were on their way more west and therefor Oregon; when the caravan stopped, and he looked out of the wagon he said "This is the place ?????", his followers misunderstood and the rest is history :lol: :lol: :D
Greetings from almost Zion. HN.

Well, Luckily for my relatives they did not make it to Oregon. They sure would miss their occasional Alcholic Beverage :P
Of course there would be one benefit, polygamy!... I am only joking, I do not want to offend any of our Mormon members.
On a truthful note... the girl Mormons I grew up with, sure were cute ;)

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Post by HaEn » 01 Jul 2004 00:33

Yup, they sure are; just look at my granddaughters. and great granddaughter :D :D :lol: HN.

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Post by Evzonas » 06 Jul 2004 17:21

Allies, held armed German Military Police units as long as untill the end of 1946... I have a picture of 2 German MP in a street a british tank is crossing and ofcourse the brits are most surprised!!! They were ofcourse released of swastika and eagles and all insignia of the Nazi ideology. I will try to post more on this issue when I get that magazine in my hands again...

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