How did the war effect your family

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Re: How did the war effect your family

Post by I have questions » 05 Sep 2019 05:34

Volyn wrote:
04 Sep 2019 22:25
Volyn wrote:
30 Aug 2019 12:48
3. Great-Grandfather WW1 - Imperial Russian Army - 166th "Rivne" Infantry Regiment - 42nd Infantry Division, served as an infantryman and fought in several major campaigns and battles from AUG 1914 until JUL 1916 when the regiment was destroyed during the Battle of Kovel, part of the Brusilov Offensive. He was wounded in that battle and held as a POW, possibly in Mauthausen, Austria for 2.5 years until his release in JAN 1919. Somehow he was not involved in the Soviet Civil War or the Polish-Soviet War.
Correction, the 166th IR was actually destroyed in the Baranovichi Offensive, thanks to teg and Art for confirming it.
Volyn wrote:
30 Aug 2019 12:48
4. Great-Uncle WW2 - US Army - enlisted 7 MAR 1941 as an infantryman, he was already stationed in the Panama Canal Zone when Pearl Harbor was attacked, he is believed to have fought at Okinawa but do not know the unit he was with.
Correction, he never went to Okinawa, instead he volunteered to become a B-17 pilot in 1943 and transferred to the Air Force. However, he was trained as an avionics specialist instead due to his technical aptitude. He was sent to Great Falls Army Air Base, MT to become an instructor and he remained there until his discharge in 1945.
number 4 was lucky not to go to Okinawa, that island was a blood-bath :|

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Re: How did the war effect your family

Post by daveshoup2MD » 01 Feb 2020 23:09

Father enlisted in 1941 as an E-1 equivalent with one year of college; got out in 1946 as an O-3. Saw combat in Europe and the Pacific. Fugitive from law of averages, obviously; do the math.

Mother worked on the railways because so many men were gone.

They met after the war, when he left the Army after occupation duty. Was recalled during the Cold War and did two years on active duty.

Various male relatives had similar stories. No fatalities, due largely to chance.

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Re: How did the war effect your family

Post by BatEater » 13 May 2020 06:02

Father and Grandparents were Hungarian Jews. Hid during the Holocaust for some of the time by a 16 year old boy in a basement of an apartment complex so they managed to avoid the transports to the concentration camps.

They hid after my father, 15 years old, was sent to a brickworks and made to work chipping old mortar from bricks. The next step was to the concentration camps. My grandmother paid someone to free him after a week.

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