Was Soviet Union preparing to attack the Germany?

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Re: Was Soviet Union preparing to attack the Germany?

Postby sandeepmukherjee196 » 19 Mar 2017 20:26


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Re: Was Soviet Union preparing to attack the Germany?

Postby antwony » 20 Mar 2017 07:08

sandeepmukherjee196 wrote:If the Russians had any interest whatsoever in staying away from Europe and moving against the British empire, they would have handled the Bose affair differently.

While he was a whole lot of other things, Stalin was always some kind of Marxist.

Even post war when he was boss of half(a third/ quarter???) the world Stalin didn't like Indian nationalists. He thought they were a bourgeois elite and part of some British conspiracy.

In addition, 1947 was a different time to 1940/41. Pretty sure the Soviet Union was still in its "there are no socialists outside the Soviet Union" phase.

sandeepmukherjee196 wrote:They barely showed the courtesy of allowing transit through their territory onward to Berlin. Bose was ideologically much more comfortable with Russia..

If he was telling the Border Police and the NKVD he was a socialist he was lucky to not get shot. He was a no one and would have been presumed to be a British spy. At the absolute best, they may have been familiar with his politics, in which case he would have been considered a Trotskyist and, once again, lucky not to get shot.

Soviet Union's treatment of Bose isn't evidence of anything.

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Re: Was Soviet Union preparing to attack the Germany?

Postby sandeepmukherjee196 » 20 Mar 2017 09:19

It is always better to make informed comments on these things.viz.,

Bose's stature as an Indian leader in the 30s and 40s...as perceived by Global leaders.

Bose's perceived ideology.

How and through what mechanisms Bose escaped from India, was escorted to Afghanistan and transited through the USSR en route to Berlin. This is not the thread for me to explain these grossly off topic subjects here.

Hitler's advice to Molotov / Stalin to look towards the British Empire for nibbling at (rather than Europe) didn't by any stretch of sane imagination refer to socialist states alone..since there were none. Neither would it presume a pre-conditionality that Russia's allies would have to be per force Socialist.The suggestion is ridiculous.

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Re: Was Soviet Union preparing to attack the Germany?

Postby Globalization41 » 20 Mar 2017 23:30

6/17/1941, Germany, Russia, Iran, Afghanistan

This article came out just before the invasion of Russia. Stalin would have liked for Hitler to have seen the speculation about Afghanistan, India, and Iran. It would have implied that Stalin was considering Hitler's advice. ... Or if Goebbels leaked these rumors, then it could have possibly put Stalin off guard.


"It is likely that the Germans will ask, or demand from Rus-
sia the right to operate from the Black Sea, and oil supply from
Baku. If this is granted to Germany something else is certain
to follow. This would probably be the right to transport troops
over the southern portion of Russia to the Caspian Sea. If Ger-
many had control of the Baku oilfield, she might then attempt
an attack on Teheran, and attempt an invasion of Iran.
There is another aspect. Germany may attempt to induce
Russia to take an active part in co-operation with Germany and
invade Iran or advance from south-east Russia to Afghanistan.
If Russia were to agree to such a proposal she might move in
the direction of Kabul, and then threaten the North-west fron-
tier of India. If Russia and Germany were to act in unison,
Germany might attack Iran and Russia Afghanistan.
Whoever attempts an attack on India will have no easy
task. The Afghans would not be likely to sit idly by and allow
strangers to move through their mountain fastnesses. If an
enemy force moved towards India they would have to cross the
Himilayas. The Kyber Pass is the main connecting road be-
tween Afghanistan and lndia. In these mountain fortresses a
few regiments could deal with several divisions. Both Hitler
and Stalin would think a very long time before attempting such
a hazardous campaign."

"Joint action by Germany and Russia against Britain might
result in an attack on Iran. This would enable such a combina-
tion to make an attempt to get behind Turkey by moving from
Teheran via Hamadam to Bagdad. It is quite on the cards that
this move may be under consideration. If the Germans were
able to obtain the assistance of Russia, or be permitted the use
of Russian territory and the Caspian Sea, Germany might use
this route for an attack on Iran and the Mosul oilfields. If this
move was successful, the Germans would certainly move to-
wards Trans Jordon to attack the Suez Canal from the east,
while the Germans and Italians launched an attack in the west
through Libya. We shall know very soon what is to happen
between Russia and Germany. We can be quite certain that
whatever arrangement is arrived at it will not be favorable to


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Re: Was Soviet Union preparing to attack the Germany?

Postby michael mills » 21 Mar 2017 02:02

From the source linked by Globalization41 (The Cessnock Eagle and South Maitland Advertiser? Not exactly a leading mouthpiece for the opinion of Allied governments).

President Roosevelt has caused a sensation by ordering the whole of the German Consulates in America to be
closed down. It was stated by Mr. Sumner Wells that these Consulates had been used for propaganda purposes
to the detriment of American interests. This was contrary to all consular procedure. The action of the President
is likely to bring about a rupture in diplomatic relations between Germany and America. It is difficult to see how
America can much longer remain out of active participation in the war.

The described action by Roosevelt gives the lie to the assertion that the United States was reluctantly forced into the war against Germany by Hitler's declaration of war on 9 December 1941. For all practical purposes the United States was already deeply involved in the war against Germany, and an undeclared naval war in the Atlantic had been underway since 9 September.

In relation to the topic of this thread, the speculation contained in the article shows that the Allied governments had found out about Ribbentrop's proposal to Molotov that the Soviet Union join Germany, Italy and Japan in an alliance against Britain, in which its region of expansion would be India.

In fact, Stalin had no intention of joining such an alliance, since that would most probably lead to the defeat of Britain and the cementing of German control over the European Continent, thereby denying him the possibility of extending Soviet control to the west, and indeed opening the possibility, that Hitler would turn against him, at a time when the Soviet Union would have no allies, and demand the cession of Ukraine and the Baltic States, and perhaps other territories.

Stalin's response to Ribbentrop's proposals, agreeing to join an alliance with Germany but only under conditions that he must have known Hitler would find totally unacceptable (ie further Soviet advances to the west in the Baltic and the Balkans), was in effect a way of saying no without saying no explicitly.

Stalin's most probable motivation for making such an equivocal response was to keep Hitler guessing, an attempt to draw him into extended negotiations over the Soviet Union's joining the Continental Bloc proposed by Ribbentrop, giving him a breathing space to continue strengthening the Red Army and the Soviet military-industrial complex to the point where it would be able to fight a successful war against Germany, whether reactively in resistance to a German attack, or actively, by launching a first strike.

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Re: Was Soviet Union preparing to attack the Germany?

Postby Globalization41 » 21 Mar 2017 03:27

There was plenty of fake news in 1941. Roosevelt tried every trick in the book to get the U.S. into the war with Germany. The accumulative effect paid off for F.D.R. only after Pearl Harbor was followed by Hitler's declaration of war. ... I tend to believe the article appearing one week before the invasion of Russia emphasizing the positive aspects for the Soviet Union in joining the Axis and teaming up with Germany in a drive on India to be possible disinformation and rumor designed to confuse Stalin by telling him something he wanted to believe. ... The Australians got the same news as appeared in Europe. ... Molotov didn't go along with Indian Ocean proposal in Berlin in 1940, but Hitler knew Stalin would negotiate hard, especially at the start of a new spheres-of-influence proposal. Molotov wanted everything and Hitler stopped negotiating after the meetings. Hitler set up the Soviets and played Stalin for a sucker. It bummed out Stalin at the start of the invasion for a few days after he figured out what Hitler had done. But, Stalin landed on his feet. ... The Soviet doctrine of counterattack, encirclement, and annihilation was immediately ordered shortly after Hitler's invasion and eventually completed in Berlin by the Red Army in May 1945. ... If Hitler had offered a spot on the Axis team a week before June 22, 1941, with the German Army in position to invade, as was known to the Soviets, Stalin would have jumped at the chance to sign up just as he did in the case of Poland and the original Nazi-Soviet Pact.


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