The Battle of Raseiniai

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Re: The Battle of Raseiniai

Post by Kelvin » 06 Mar 2020 09:20

AMVAS wrote:
03 Mar 2020 19:00
Kelvin wrote:
03 Mar 2020 12:04
AMVAS wrote:
06 Sep 2008 14:50
Well, hardly you can get figures of the Soviet casaulities. They simply had no oportunities to count them
As for tanks and other vehicles, really a large number of those were destroyed.
It was the 2nd Tank Division/3rd Mechanised Corps from the soviet side to defense in that area.
Data about its strength you can find on my page: ... ps/3mk.htm

Some maps can be found here: ... m#Baltic41

Hello, Alex, cannot open that link. May you post their tank strength of 3rd Mechanized Corps ? division by division ? Thank
the address changed a bit due to my hoster: ... ps/3mk.htm
Hello, Alex, thank so much for your link. Very helpful for me. :D

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