Was Germany’s situation THAT bad in the summer of 1942?

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Re: Was Germany’s situation THAT bad in the summer of 1942?

Post by SloveneLiberal » 08 Aug 2019 20:23

In this period of war in eastern front 1941-summer 1942 the question of fighting for or against communism was specially not very important one for both sides. SU was contrary to this trying to give to their war efforts the face of patriotic war to mobilize us much support as possible at home and abroad. Because their situation was very critical in 1941 until the decision to do offensive against Moscow and in some lesser extent even further. In period of 1939-41 SU was spreading communism by force and got more enemies also on this way, but Comintern warned even communists in resistance movements in Europe in 1941 that they should not organize fight for communism but rather a patriotic front against Nazi Geramny and its allies.

And also German leadership and Hitler were not very interested in fighting against communism in 1941. This issue was not very important for them until 1943 when they were already in very bad situatiuon and started this campaign of creating so called front against communism and its penetration of Europe. Their interest at first was to create a Lebensraum with ethnic and racial cleansing and Germanization of the area of Poland, Baltic states, Ukraine, Belarus and west Russia. Even they declined open hands offered by some movements at that time to fight together against communism. Because this was not the main priority and it was even harmful for Nazi plans.

In later periord of war the goal of spreading communism by the advancing Red army and supporting local pro-Soviet guerilla forces in east and south east Europe was important for Moscow but at that particular time about which we are talking here it was not important because it was more a battle for survival.

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