Polish railnetwork during the Polish campaign 1939

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Polish railnetwork during the Polish campaign 1939

Post by PreußensGlanz » 08 May 2019 03:31

is there any material on the Polish railnetwork and how the Poles treated it during the Polish campaign?
Was there a systematical or rather sporadic destruction?

How good were the Germans able to utilize the Polish railnetwork?
Did they rely on it during the campaign for supplying their troops?
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Re: Polish railnetwork during the Polish campaign 1939

Post by GregSingh » 08 May 2019 05:43

Considering that distances covered in the whole campaign by advancing German units were short (max 350km, usually less than 200km), damage to infrastructure done by German bombing and Polish blowups (several main bridges) and train's loading/unloading time, it was quicker and more convenient to move stuff by roads rather than by railroads.
Germans, where possible, used rail network to move out units after campaign ended. There were several serious train accidents in Oct/Nov/Dec involving German troops, biggest one - derailment of the train carrying parts of infantry division back to East Prussia.

Polish Army used extensively rail network in the last week of peace to move large units from east to west parts of Poland.
Later it was used mostly for evacuations, more than a half of rolling stock ended up east of Bug river, where it was taken over by Soviets.
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