Loss of Hungarian Armor, 14 July 1941

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Loss of Hungarian Armor, 14 July 1941

Post by Jeff Leach » 08 Sep 2019 12:55

In the document of the Soviet 55th Rifle Corps, there is the following statement,

"The artillery supporting the 680th Rifle Regiment (4th and 5th batteries 2/307th Artillery Regiment)* were in combat on 14 July in the Novaâ Ušica region. Results of that combat: ten tanks destroyed. Four tanks were knocked out by gunner Â. H. Kalyčuk, three tanks by gun commander Tarasenko and three tanks by gunner Ivanov. The tanks were of Hungarian type, easily destroyed by at 45 mm gun or three hand grenades. The type and thickness of the armor was not known."

NAK Operational Report No. 23, 03:00 (ЦАМО ф.943 оп.1 д.5 лл.61)

* There should also have been a company from the 160th Separate Artillery Battalion supporting the regiment. All units from the 169th Rifle Division.

Does anyone have any information from the Hungarian side? I checked 'The Royal Hungarian Army 1920 - 1945' by Leo Niehorster and 'Three Kings: Axis Royal Armies on the Russian Front 1941' by Patrick Cloutier didn't have any mention of the action. The Hungarian Mobile Corps was in the area on that day.

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Re: Loss of Hungarian Armor, 14 July 1941

Post by Leo Niehorster » 13 Sep 2019 19:41

On July 13, the 3rd Company of the 9th Tank Battalion (1st Motorised Brigade) was deployed in the vanguard at Novaja Uszici to support the break-through of the German 101st Infantry Division. The company, led by Captain Tibor Kárpáthy, was involved in heavy fighting on the road between Antonovka and Filjanovka.
A Russian AT gun from a distance of 200–300 meters knocked out the Toldi command tank. The driver and the gunner were killed and the Toldi lay helpless waiting for the next shot. At that moment another Toldi commanded by Candidate-Sgt. Pal Habel rushed in and halted between the enemy and the damaged Toldi, protecting the company commander. The next shot hit this brave Toldi and all of its crew were killed. The injured company commander was rescued. The 3rd Light Tank Company suffered 60% causalities, six Toldis were knocked out and nine crewmen were killed. The number plates of the knocked out Toldies were: H-306, H-314, H-315, H-316, H-397, and H-399.
Peter Mujzer
"Huns on Wheels"
=Hungarian Mobile Forces in WWII, Armoured, Cavalry, Bicycle Troops, Motorized Rifle=
Mujzer & Partners Ltd., 2015.
ISBN 978-963-12-2348-4

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