Soviet and German manpower issues late war

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Re: Soviet and German manpower issues late war

Post by mars » 03 Aug 2021 12:59

AriX wrote:
02 Aug 2021 19:36
Admiral Bloonbeard wrote:
02 Aug 2021 19:18

It was running out of men in the "free" areaa?
As I have mentioned above, Soviets mobilised only 0.55M in first 4 months of 1945, while suffering almost 1 million KIA and DoW at the same period of time.
In May-June 1945 aprox. 0.4M were drafted into the Red Army from ex-PoWs and ost-arbеiters .
In the first 6 months of 1945, Soviet permanent losses, dead for all causes, POW, missing includes dead, POW and desertion were around 0.62 million

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