Russian Armored Train Combat

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Russian Armored Train Combat

Post by Richard Stone » 04 Feb 2022 04:14

The attached article describes the operation of armored trains by the Russian Army during the 1942 - 1943 period. The original article is a translation of a Russian Army news report that was printed in the November 1943 edition of the USA professional military reference magazine ‘Military Review’.

I placed this post here to aid researchers who study the Eastern Front and want to compare the German and Soviet armored train tactics. This post is a duplicate of the one I placed in the Soviet Union at War 1917 -1945' section of this website several months ago.
Armor - MilReview1943- Russian Armored Train-Part1 -XXX.png
Armor - MilReview1943- Russian Armored Train-Part2A -XXX.png
Armor - MilReview1943- Russian Armored Train-Part3 -XXX.png
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