Special operation in battle for Maikop in Aug 1942

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Special operation in battle for Maikop in Aug 1942

Post by Kelvin » 07 Apr 2023 10:32

Hi, everyone, I see German III.Panzerkorps under General Mackenson was assigned to capture Maikop and its oilfield in August 1942. I see information that German, apart from artillery fire and Stuka, also used a lot of special operation in capture of Maikop like Soldier wearing NKVD uniform to penetrate into city of Maikop to spread rumour or contradictory orders to confuse people and garrison there, and a platoon of Brandenburger wearing German uniform and sat on captured Soviet truck to patrol and perhap doing some sabotage works during the battle.

Is it this speical operation play a vital role in capture of Maikop or something else ?

Is it normal German practise in war with special operation like this ? At least I see 1940 German soldiers wearing Dutch uniform to do sabotage work or 1944, German soldiers wearing US uniform to penetrate US rear area to create panic inside US Army in Ardennes offensive. Apart from Dutch campaign, Maikop and Ardennes, any other example has something like this in other battle fought by German ? thank

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