German plot to kill Stalin

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German plot to kill Stalin

Post by freiwillige » 07 May 2004 13:23

Hi, someone can post info on the Nazi plot to kill Stalin?
I think was planned by the RSHA.



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Post by cyberdaemon » 09 May 2004 11:09

not only them , even hes own soldiers tryied.
i know atleast 1 incident when soviet officer hidden into
woods shoot a stalins car.but someone else , than stalin was there.
after all he was killed by hes own "buddy" , namely zukov in 1953.

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Post by panzertruppe2001 » 10 May 2004 01:51

If Irving is correct in his "Hitler's War" he says that Hitler was against Chief of States murder. The Abwehr planned kill the STAVKA members but Hitler opposed.

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Post by Musashi » 10 May 2004 14:17

cyberdaemon wrote:after all he was killed by hes own "buddy" , namely zukov in 1953.

8O ??????? 8O

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Post by Panzermahn » 10 May 2004 14:20

Hi, the plot to kill Stalin was Unternehmen Zeppelin in 1943....

KG 200 (Special Duties Squadron) ferried two agents and dropped them in Russia..When they reached Moscow, both of them were arrested because the guards were suspicious of their dry overcoat on a rainy day

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Post by Station » 10 May 2004 21:42

Musashi wrote:
cyberdaemon wrote:after all he was killed by hes own "buddy" , namely zukov in 1953.

8O ??????? 8O
I'm wondering about that last comment myself.

I've read the rumor about that one woman maybe poisoning him (her name escapes me), but Zukov????

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Post by Russian » 18 May 2004 05:15

Hi, I am new to these forums, but I hold a History Major in UBC and I am from the formal USSR.. I am 20 years old and have done extensive research on the Wolrd War II for the past 8 years..

The plot to kill Stalin was indeed manufactured by the German secret police however it never took place.. The major plan never occured because of logistics problems.. However there were attempts on a smaller scale attempted against Stalin by the Russian plotters them selves.. In the end, his death in 1953 was finalized by the NKVD cheif Beria, who delayed Stalin from recieving immedate attention after he suffered a stroke...

To answer the Zhukov question, he was never responcible for the death of Stalin, but rather for the death of Beria... After Krushchev came to power he asked Zhukov to return to Moscow and help stop Beria who was becoming extremly dangerous in the lead of NKVD.. Zhukov helped arrest Beria before the NKVD could react, and quielty put him away..

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Post by cyberdaemon » 18 May 2004 08:30

its all about POWER.
anyway , i heard that stalin was prepearing for ww3 of planing to start it.
is taht true or not ?

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Re: German plot to kill Stalin

Post by Arto O » 13 Mar 2011 03:06


Unternehmen Zeppelin:
This one apparead in a finnish magazine, in the 70s I think. I think there is a lot fantasy info, but ....I will not translate the whole text, but reduce the most important details.
"The assessin? squad (17 persons) left from Riga airport at the nigth between 5th and 6th of September 1944 in a Arado 232 B airplane. The plane takes the course to Smolensk, navegated by Oberleutnant Neumann. The man, whose mission is to assesinate Stalin, has false documentation as major of 39. Army in Baltic section Pjotr Ivanovits Tavrin.
And he is in company of female leutnant Lidia Jakovlevna Silova. Both are "in the secret service" of USSR. They have a envelope, which should be given to Stalin personally.
The plane makes an emergency landing into forest..... Lidia and Pjotr pull out their motorcycle with sidecar and dissapear to the forest.
The man is captured by germans 1942. And his real name is Pjotr Ivanovits Silo, born in 1909. He says to hate communists and wants to change side. To show his loyalty to the germans, he informs everything he knows, and releavs USSR spiess.
Pjotr is send to special training in Pleskau and his personal trainer is SS officer Georg Greife. There he meets with Lidia, they fall in love and are married. Lidia s is trained as radio operator.
For the mission he get dum dum munition pistol, mini bazooka, a mine and half million ruplas (russian currency).
The last training is done in the castle of Friedenthal, where he meets with Skorzeny. Skorzeny now tells him that his mission is to kill Stalin. He should attact Stalin meanwhile he is driving to a Moscow metrostation, where is his headquarter, The secret mission is releaved by some SS officer (works with russian) to one berlinese lady, who radio transmit the information to Moscow.
After emergency landing Pjotr and Lidia heads with motorcycle to Moscow, where they are finally captured.

Half fantasy,half true????



A phto of Greife with Tavrin.

Before the mission Tavrin takes a photo with motocycle with sidecar

The arsenal of Tarvin
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