Polish Home Guard vs. German Wehrmacht - Lodz, Poland 1939

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Polish Home Guard vs. German Wehrmacht - Lodz, Poland 1939

Post by sylvieK4 » 24 Jul 2002 21:09

Does anyone know what units of the Polish Army Home Guard were active around the city of Lodz, Poland in 1939?

Do you know what German groups were sent against Lodz and first entered it?

When the German military had so many defeated soldiers on their hands, what did they do? How did they demobilise these men? How did they choose which former soldiers to keep as P.O.Ws and which to release back into the population?

Thanks for your help.

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Post by Steve » 21 Aug 2002 00:07

I presume you mean the National Guard Battallions these were graded 1 to 4 depending on the equipment 1 being suitable primarily for guard duties. Also a type S which was a reduced strength heavy machine gun battalion. For Region 4 Lodz you have 4 grade 4 battalions grouped as the Sieradzka Brigade these were - Klobucki Bn - Lublinecki Bn - 1st Wielunski Bn - 2nd Wielunski Bn.
A type 4 Bn had 19 officers and 683 other ranks with 9 light machine guns, 6 heavy machine guns, 1 46mm mortar, 3 anti tank rifles. Interesting they seem to have an allocation of 4 motorcycles and 1 car or truck everything else is horses or bicycles.
I can`t help with the fall of Lodz except to say that the fall of Piotrkow on the 5th seems to have unhinged the Polish position and Army Lodz was ordered to retreat on the evening of the 5th to east of the Vistula. The army had not been assembled for action when the invasion came and by the 7th the commander had lost touch with the forces and it seems to have disintgrated. Lodz would probably have fallen to the 8th army.

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