Battle of Vukov klanac

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Re: Battle of Vukov klanac

Post by HBilic » 01 Feb 2009 17:13

Streljko, thank you.

I am sorry for this late reply. it seems that is still hope to find out what had hapened to Ivo Tolja.

Hrvoje Bilic

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Re: Battle of Vukov klanac

Post by G. Trifkovic » 23 Apr 2011 14:29

I'm reviving this (good)old thread with a piece of information from German sources which will help us establish the real scope of defeat suffered by 369. Infantry Division at Vukov Klanac.

Col. Reinicke started his report on the conditions he found when he took over the 369th with the casualty figures the division had suffered in fighting around Trebinje and Neum:
40 officers, 446 NCOs, 1736 men;

56 cannons, 2120 rifles, 135 MGs, 80 mortars;

134 vehicles, 154 horse-drawn wagons.
Source: T-311, Roll 184, Report of Col. Reinicke to the commander of V SS Mountain Corps, Obergruppenfuehrer Krueger (17.11.44).



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Re: Battle of Vukov klanac

Post by Croatian citizen » 06 Jan 2020 21:01

After reading this subject and seeing that there is a big hole in history about this BIG battle, my duty is to help everyone who is interested to find the pieces of important informations and understand that few days of incredible battle that starts 14. and ends 24. october 1944.
For better understanding lets begin with the map of the battlefield and directions wich will indicate the path of the battle itself.
vukov_klanac 1.jpg
You`re all more than welcome to ask everything bout this theme.

My regards
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