Russians simply won by the power of numbers

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Re: Russians simply won by the power of numbers

Post by Sean Oliver » 12 Nov 2021 22:10

The Allies eventually outnumbered Germany in all of the decisive military and strategic categories, especially the category of "numbers of sensible military decisions made by the four respective heads of state". Here, both the Soviet and Western Allied superiority was overwhelming.

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Post by 2KILFA » 19 Jan 2023 00:47

Michate wrote:
21 Apr 2005 13:55
H ere are some data points I have for ration strength figures of the German forces in 1943/44:

1. and 2. are strength figures taken from the materials prepared for two presentations on the strategic situation that Chief of the WFSt, Jodl gave. The first presentation was on 7. November 1943 (figures describe state of 15. October 1943); the second presentation was on 5. May 1944 (figures probably describe state of April 1944).

Info was taken the from two publications of the German Military Research Institute (MGFA):


1. Date: 7.11.1943 (situation of 15.10.1943)
East: 3,900,000
Finland: 180,000
Norway: 315,000
Denmark: 110,000
West: 1,370,000
Italy: 330,000
Balkans: 610,000
Sum: 6,815,000
Source: Materialien zum Vortrag des Chefs des Wehrmachtführungsstabes vom 7.11.1943 "Die strategische Lage am Anfang des fünften Kriegsjahres", (referenced to KTB OKW, IV, S. 1534 ff.)


I have this presentation, but didn't found where exactly it is stated that these numbers are as of 15 October 1943. Its clear that these are for October, but the exact date is not specified in each theater of war, whether the 1st or the 15th day of the month. Can you tell where exactly it is mentioned?

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