Pawlograd, February 1943

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Post by Minotauros » 09 Nov 2007 15:28

The town of Pavlograd was occupied by the Germans on October 11th, 1941.

A rising conducted by Soviet partisans occured on February 16th, 1943, led by Major Piotr KRAVTCHIENKO and commissar Stiepan PRIBIER. The next day, the city was conquered by the 35th Guards Rifle Division under Guards Major General Ivan Iakovlievitch KULAGIN.

Pavlograd was retaken by the Germans on February 22nd, 1943 and occupied till September 18th, 1943.

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Post by Andreas » 09 Nov 2007 15:46

The Comando Supremo link provided by Lupo is dead, but I guess this is the discussion he refers to: ... php?t=2365

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Re: Pawlograd, February 1943

Post by Irena12 » 19 Nov 2022 10:56

this video is about the events of February 1943 in Pavlograd,
and participation in them of 134 Ukrainische Schutzmannschafts-Wach-Bataillone (Pawlograd). Part 1/3 Klara Tabler and Andriy Nesterenko

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