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Reply Moscow
How close to Moscow did the germans get during the war?

Jeff Viguers
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Reply Close enough to knock Stalin's door!
"Warfare and The Third Reich" p.195

"Bock's attack was reaching its high water mark: at Krasnaya Polyana the tanks of the 3rd Panzergruppe were only 18 miles from Moscow, while the 4th Army was a mere 25 miles from the city. To the south Guderian had actually reached a point east of Moscow. His 2nd Panzerarmee, having isolated the industrial town of Tula where resistance had proven too strong, was now at Mikhaylov nearly 40 miles to the east, while his northern units were 69 miles from Moscow. On 30 November motorcycle patrols of the 62nd Panzer Engineer Battalion, part of the 2nd Panzer Division, reached Khimki, a small river port five miles from Moscow. They returned from their reconnaissance, but not before they had added to the alarm in the city. A combat group of the 2nd Panzer Division under Lieutenant-Colonel Decker reached the town of Ozeretskoye and were able to stand at the terminus stop of the Moscow tram system. At Gorki men of the 2nd Battalion, 304th Rifle Regiment, were 19 miles from the Kremlin, or 12 miles from the suburbs of Moscow, while an assault party of the 38th Panzer Engineer Battalion demolished the station at Lobnya to prevent it being used for tactical resupply-they were just ten miles from the city."

I read a book from somewhere saying that a small recon team (4 men) from 2nd Panzer Divison actually saw the Kremlin in a Russian truck! Yeah, very close! :-)

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