Heroic Defense of the Adzhimushkai Quarry in 1942

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Victor wrote:I have found a mention of some 10,000 people fighting on at Adzhimushkay in a Romanian book on the battles in Crimea, but it was taken from Soviet sources, not Romanian archives, so unfortunately there weren't many more details.
We need the help of Russian or Ukrainian members in this forum. Books, websites, any info will be appreciated.

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The battle of the Adzhimushkay Quarry in 1942 is a unique case. It was, so to speak, a Japanese style annihilation: Gyokusai(玉碎), which was seen in Attu, Tarawa, Saipan, and Okinawa.

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These are automatic translation of Coupler Aleksey's Two of Twenty Million(Каплер Алексей :: Двое из двадцати миллионов), which tells about the Heroic Battle of the Adzhimushkay Quarry in 1942.

http://kapler-aleksej.megalib.ru/megada ... lls/1.html

Coupler Aleksey:: Two of Twenty Million/p. 1

I saw them during the day of the
thirtieth anniversary of victory - defenders and prisoners Of
adzhimushkayskikh catacombs. They sat on the mutilated
Adzhimushkayskeye earth, mentioning its killed comrades, from many and
many thousand they remained among the living, miraculously they
survived twenty four people. Each yr of seventh- eighth May they
assemble into Kerch' and several days conduct together. They
arrive and native be killeden in the local stone quarries into those
of terrible one hundred seventy days and nights of forty second.
Now one of is input into the stone quarries it leads into the
underground museum of glory, to the common grave of heroes. The
year round are pulled here people, arrive countless excursions from
all ends of the country, and the plates of common grave are constantly
covered with mountains it is color. But ninth May, each yr of
ninth May get down to the underground common grave those twenty four.
They dissipate miner lamps and they cost in the darkness,
silently mentioning those be killeden. After funeral repasts,
for which the wives of living and widow of those be killeden spread
tablecloths directly on the earth and set by their food, with me
remained one of the living heroes Adzhimushkaya. We found place
in the shadow of cliff and sat there. Before us lay corpse,
entire in the deep funnels earth, and even that that it has long since
overgrown by grass, and that that the heavenly body the May sun and
sky was entirely cloudless not only above Adzhimushkayem, but also
above our entire country, - even this could not moderate the sensation
of the tragedy of these places: as if the summer of forty second
impregnated here air. Near Kerch' from the immemorial times,
possibly, even since then, when Kerch' was the capital Of bosporskogo
reign, people obtained stone, and that is why underground were formed
to tens of kilometers of catacomb - labyrinths, the blind alleys,
bifurcations, from which, without knowing them, in the life will not
be selected... I it listened to the low, smoke-filled voice of its
collocutor it looked at the old woman, who slowly went along The
adzhimushkayskeye earth. That there was ochen'-ochen' old woman.
She rested against the curved, bent rod and with difficulty got
down into the funnels been overgrown with grass, with difficulty she
rose of them. Old woman, apparently, nothing searched for here,
she simply went, by low- after bending, - first whether old age, first
whether disease, then whether to mountain so pitilessly they bent down
it to the earth. In spring forty second, when our troops were
forced to step back from the Crimea for the strait, when Germans
approached Kerch' in The adzhimushkayskikh stone quarries they were
hidden soldiers, who covered the withdrawal of the Red Army. But
together with them and a great many soldiers and commanders, torn from
their parts, and the recently released from the school young pilots,
and the running from the enemy innocent civilians - woman, children,
old men - all gushed out here, into the caves Adzhimushkaya. And
hospitals with an enormous quantity of injured, whom could not be
evacuated, were also placed in the stone quarries. All these
thousand, thousands of people perished here - who from the explosions
and the collapses, who from the hunger, from the thirst, who strangled
by Fascist gases. Old woman stopped at the entrance into the
catacombs, in one of the slots poluzavalennykh by the fragments of
cliffs. She stood and looked at this slot. Why woman did
arrive here? It can be, its close ones perished in these stone
quarries, while it can be, it simply heard about the tragedy, which
occurred here once?.. The first days in the catacombs there were
catastrophic chaos, end of the light... But was located
volitional commanders - Colonel Yagunov and elder battalion
commissioner parakhin, - which knew how to bring down military
nucleus, to create warheads, to distribute weapon, to combine
foodstuffs and water, to fix the distribution of scant rations.
Soon from the catacombs began attacks - war shooting:
attack on the Germans, who surrounded region. Sometimes in
this way was possible to obtain captured weapon and ammunition, and
the main thing, during these attacks the Red Army men brought water
from the well, that it were found not far off from one of it was input
into the stone quarries. People awaited, they lived by hope,
that any minute now, from the day on the day the Red Army will break
into the Crimea and will free them. Prepared to strike then to
Germans into the rear but they they did not have a concept about the
military situation, they did not know that the offensive will be able
to begin only in one-and-a-half years - during November forty
thirds... , where there was recently old woman, already no one
it remained. It were dissolved, it melted... THE SUMMER OF
FORTY SECOND thundered German military march. Space above The
adzhimushkayskimi stone quarries was protected by barbed wire, and
around it - German tanks, machine-gun points on the elevations,
sub-machine gunners in the secrets, observers in the shelters.
Heat stood. Off-duty German soldiers in what mother bore
they were heated in the sun, they smoked, the maps. Falling over
from side to side on the unevennesses of soil, approached from the
side of sea blunt-snouted truck - German radio-van with the sockets of
loudspeakers on the roof. Soviet soldiers, who stood on the post
in the cleft of catacombs, controlled this van. That there were
the exhausted, been overgrown with beards people in the rotted field
Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 2

Van stopped. From its radio-mouthpieces
began to sound female voice - insinuating voice, like those that we
with you hear now in the international airports. In this siren
was small German accent, but, on the whole, it pronounced Russian
words completely tolerably. "turning the command of German army
to the covered in the underground stone quarries Soviet commanders,
Red Army men and citizens, - read it, and its voice resounded above
the dead adzhimushkayskoy earth and was heard in the catacombs.
- German command turns himself to you with the noble humanistic
proposal: you must leave the cave, and be returned. In
response to this German command it guarantees to you life and
freedom... " Insinuating voice reached to the Red Army men, who
stood on the guard with the automata in poluzavalennykh by the
fragments of cliffs it was input into the stone quarries...
Voice reached to the dying old men and to the children
-skeletikov, who weep in empty maternal breasts, to the soldiers, who
clean weapon, who prepared it for the battle, to the hospital,
oppressed by injured. Here the voice of German siren was mixed
up with the moans and the quiet requests:... to drink... to
drink... to drink... "... your position is known to German
command. We know that you perish from the thirst and the hunger,
that each day you becomes less. We overlapped the sole source of
water - well at the main entrance into the stone quarry. It
became for you inaccessible - is established twenty-four hour
observation of it, and not one soldier no longer will succeed himself
in reaching for you at least the drop of water... " And in the
cave- section, where is located the staff of underground garrison, was
audible this voice. Commander sent into the way of intelligence
officers and according to the regulations he entirely not embraced
each before the withdrawal "... to German command is known about
you literally everything: of the remainders of what military
parts your underground garrison consists, we know that you command
Colonel Yagunov and elder battalion commissioner parakhin. We
turn ourselves to their sense - you do not ruin thoughtlessly people,
you will end resistance, will end attacks and attacks, which to
nothing, except losses, lead cannot. Do not send to the
connection with the Red Army of your intelligence officers: we
intercept them and will intercept all to one, and no one to you to the
aid nevertheless will arrive... German command gives to you two
hours for output and delivering the weapon. The firing and
explosions on the surface will be renewed after two hours, and then we
will release gases, and you will die all without the exception.
Command makes to you this last warning ". Not far off from
the entrance into the stone quarry, covered with the fragments of
cliffs, well stood. Entire space around it was pited by mines.
There lay tens of killed soldiers, who attempted to be selected
to the water, to obtain water. Were there dragged along those
converted by automatic turns into the sieve of bucket and canister, in
which bore water these soldiers. There lay the fallen to the
back blond hero - young Red Army man with the open eyes, filled as by
tears, by rain water. Why people did not attempt to be pulled
out from the caves, they did not attempt at least to be opened into
the forests to the old-Crimean partisans or to the strait, but there
fuse?.. Some part perhaps would burst open, well, and others...
others although would perish in combat, but they did not choke in this
rock grave... Disputes about that were, and large disputes, but
Pavel Mikhaylovich (Colonel Of yagunov) said only one word:
"injured", - and debaters became silent. Seriously wounded
there were hundred, and perhaps, that also more than thousand.
How it is possible to throw them? "yes we would not have a
right to live after this", - said commissioner parakhin. And
however there was terribly position, but nevertheless tiny hope
remained - will reach someone of the intelligence officers our, they
learn, they will rescue... Underground hospital was dimly
illuminated with splinters and kagantsami the uvulas of flame they
shuddered every time, as the repercussions of explosions here reached.
Injured lay at the smallness on the preserved cots, on the rock
ledges and in the passages. For physicians it was necessary to
step over through those lying. Moans and entreaty were heard:
"to drink... to drink...". As fantastic absurdity sounded
here pell-mell with the explosions the jingling voice: The tired
sun tenderly with the sea said goodbye. You acknowledged in this
hour that there is no love... Revolved on the gramophone the
polustertaya, khripyashchaya plate. Next, on the rock "bunks",
lay the owner of tool with the bandaged, seemed gigantic head and he
listened to - in the hundredth, probably, once - its only plate.
In this tango intertwined explosions, the shooting, the moans of
injured and the hopeless voices: -... to drink... to drink...
Section in the depth of cave was illuminated with the hissing
and treshchashchim piece of wire. Injured - who could still be
moved - intended here around the dying commissioner. Its eyes
delirium shone on tightened, outgrown by beard face.
Commissioner first was delirious, then he came into himself.
Soldier with the home-made crutch held the hand of that dying
and persuaded it. - it is not must, comrade commissioner, it is
not necessary to speak, doctor said - they heard - it cannot be to you
spoken, again the blood will gush out...
Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 3

But commissioner did not hear him and attempted to
rise on the elbow: -... chess to throw out only... and first,
first play... In adjacent cot girl in the worn-out field shirt
(medical instructor Kovalev) black from the soot tied up the
blood-stainedded, broken leg of the Lieutenant, who tossed in to
delirium. Masha listened to the voice of commissioner.
-... no, is not obtained... - - it muttered it, - you will not
re-play... no, no, no... And zatikh. Soldier placed his
hand on the breast. Into the section entered the surgeon -
itself hardly living, he stopped in the cot of commissioner, postoyal
together with all silently above the dead person. Then it went
away to the injured Lieutenant. - so everything, without the
consciousness, - it said Kovalev. Injured Lieutenant moaned and
tossed in the unconsciousness. Surgeon was inclined above his
foot. - Lieutenant, - did say he, examining wound, - Lieutenant
Ivanov, you do hear me? To amputate foot it is necessary...
You do hear, Sergey? - I hear, - unexpectedly distinctly
answered Lieutenant. - I itself you know - there is no narcosis.
You will endure? It is necessary to live. Not
without reason you Masha from under the fire dragged... - A that,
Yasha, is in any way cannot?.. - no, friend, it is cannot.
And cannot be awaited. The matter your is bad. It is
very bad. - well that zh, drag along... - features, - he said
surgeon. - - I will try nevertheless to clean. Was twirled
the "tired sun". Operation occurred. Lieutenant lay on the
operating table, and the medical instructor Kovalev it held him.
But it stuck by hands into its arms, it squeaked by teeth and
looked into the distorted by pain and by sympathy machine person.
It occurs, that the view of man will meet with another view into
this solving life instant and so will connect eyes - their flour and
sympathy, - so they will solder, that they will convert suddenly
strange yesterday people into the close essences themselves in the
light. The Lieutenant wheezed through adovu, unbearable pain:
- well, what you... what you... - - Then he lost
consciousness from the pain. And then Masha, everything
continuing to hold it, began to cry. Tears left on its smoky
face two bright paths. After finishing operation, surgeon
descended to the rock protrusion, wiped face and said: - let us
look... features, will look... Sergey lay again on his cot.
He opened eyes, coming into himself, he were inspected, it did
not realize also, where it. View roamed on the cave, on numbers
of cots, on the injured lying on the earth. Surgeon here is the
operating table, which was inclined already above someone other...
And it is further, further slid the view of Sergey, until it
meets with The mashinymi eyes - it stood in its bed-head. -
Yakov Osipovich only cleaned foot, - said Masha. - also, which
means, let us have a dance with you... But you what did roar?
- 4?.. And she did not think. Sergey smiled:
the paths washed in tears on Mashinom face issued it. -
give paw. Masha lengthened hand, Sergey took it, shut eyes.
- it is very painful? - asked Masha. Sergey nodded,
without opening eyes. - release, 4 now... - - Masha softly
freed hand, she went away and returned with the phial. - drink,
- she said. - that this? - took phial, smelled Sergey.; -
Alcohol? From where? It suddenly was wrinkled, bent
from the assault of pain. And its pain immediately was reflected
in the eyes enormous on the slender Mashinom face. - drink,
drink, it is faster... Sergey drank and again, after shutting
eyes, lengthened the open palm. Masha put in it hand, villages
next. In underground hell, on the edge of death was borne this
love, as if here, in the catacombs, without air and light suddenly
grew and blossomed flower... They became for others the small
beam of hope - Masha and Sergey. It left it, days and night it
did not move away from it and left - Sergey began to get well...
Yes only position in the cave became increasingly worse and it
is worse. Germans began to set off explosions on the surface, in
the catacombs was brought down the roofing, and under the obstructions
of gibli people. Foodstuffs ended, set in hunger. They
once at first drove in the horses gone down into the catacombs and fed
by horsemeat. Now they began to unearth the buried skins, hooves
cooked them. And nevertheless underground garrison was held.
In spite of all deprivations, combat attacks continued,
intelligence officers departed to the connection with the Red Army,
soldiers cleaned weapon, guarded entrances, political education were
conducted. The forces of "listeners" recovered to the rumor of
the place, where the Germans prepared explosions on the surface and
moved away people from there. However, losses became more and it
is more, especially when it did not become water. This was most
terrible. Attacks to the well became impossible. Fascists
held approaches to it day and night on the sight of machine gun.
Command organized the forces of "sucklings" - they sucked out
the drops of liquid of the rock walls, where they were although a
little moist. In the twenty-four hours it was possible thus to
collect polflyagi or flask - for the injured. But it was
necessary to end and this: the small particles of stone fell
together with the drops of moisture into the throat, into the lungs.
"sucklings" fell ill with tuberculosis and died. Yes even
that meant any flask of water for thousand of people... Lying on
the cot, Sergey followed by view Masha. It went around injured,
scolding between those lying on the earth. There were here not
only adult, but also children.
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Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 4

- Tetechka, vodichki... Give glotochek... -
- it requested boy with the bandaged head, that lay at the angle on
the earth. - to drink... to drink... - - rushed from the
different sides. Other injured, after losing strength, kept
silent. In the depth of cave noise of fight arose, the cries
were heard: - no! No! No! I will not give!
You do not laugh! - hold it! - it fell! - you
will release! I will not give! No, I will not return!..
You do not laugh, you do not have a right! Three injured
held the old man of medical orderly and pulled out in it from the
hands metallic jar - a kind of the small can. Surgeon
approached. - which here occurs?.. - hid... it hid,
reptile... Zanachka in it... Doctor said: - to give
water to injured. And it went away. - you will release me!
- shouted old man and he rushed forward. Jar departed from
its hands, it fell, it overturned. Water spread on the earth.
Injured - are those, who held old man, and those, who were
located near, - they rushed to the earth and they began greedily to be
sufficient by lips the spilled water. But water is immediately
shrewd, after leaving only moist track. Old man stood
motionlessly, looking at the creeping people. Then it bent, it
gripped I be empty to bank, it ridiculed itself and it broke into a
run. It rushed along the semi-dark underground corridors,
pushing apart people, swinging by jar and... it sang:
Tam-tam-tarara Of tam-tam-tarara in the cleft, which leads from
the cave outside, sub-machine gunner shouted To "stoy!" and gave
preventive shot into air. But old man rushed by past it and ran
out to polyanku dazzlingly flooded by sunlight, been overgrown with
grass. The machine gun burst rattled. Old man it tossed up
on to run, it fell... In the hospital all revolved the plate
with the "tired sun". The owner of gramophone lay, after
discarding the bandaged head, motionlessly looking upward, and, it
seemed, it smiled. -... to drink, sestritsa, - wheezed injured
young fellow, stretching to Masha the dried hands. -...
boards... you hear, children... - - sears, raising and encircling by
the reckless view of neighbors, sailor in the torn vest, - it is
drunk... it flows... they hide from us, reptiles cursed...
Comrade General, order to give water. - do not torment,
give voditsy, - it was heard. - - To drink... to drink... to
drink... Rodnen'kiye, to drink give... I die... to drink...
Others lay silently. For them the eyes created...
Feverishly inflamed, praying eyes. In all people here in
the catacombs, living, living delirium remained the eyes. And
because people became the dried up skeletons, their eyes were
enormous, improbably enormous, into the floor- persons as, on the
ancient icons. Reckless they seemed in others, these thrown
open, by last luster flickering eyes... - to drink... to drink... to
drink... to drink... - mummy, to drink... - - entreated injured boy.
- I not can, I not can more... - - it fell to the elbows near
Sergey Masha. - - I not can more, Serezha.. 1 I not can...
Sergey kept silent. The dried up, cracked lips stirred.
It was without the consciousness. - to drink... - - hardly
audibly muttered Sergey, - to drink... Masha arose, she went
from the hospital. - you where? - - another sister shouted
following it. Without having answered, Masha is shrewd.
the "tired sun" ended, but plate continued, khripya clicking, to
revolve. To stop gramophone was to no one - his owner was dead.
- Stoy! - - sub-machine gunner, who was on duty at the
output from the cave, shouted to Masha... Another enclosed road
by it. - that - it went balmy?.. But in entire appearance
of Mashas there were this determination, such internal force, that the
sub-machine gunners involuntarily stood aside. And Masha,
holding in the hand bucket with the rope attached to it, was inclined
and took a step at liberty. From all sides the people stretched
themselves to the output, trying to look, to look through the cleft
outside. - why they released? - - by the okhripshim voice
angry told in person on duty commander, not to dismantle his title
was: field shirt is ripped into the rags. Person on ople
guilty kept silent. German soldier, who lay in machine gun, in
the consternation looked at the girl, who appeared from the cleft
between the fragments of cliffs. It left opened, without being
concealed, with bright daylight, under the white slepyashchim sun,
which flooded the worried to death adzhimushkayskuyu earth.
There was this the shadow of man - girl in the old field shirt,
in green there is no time yubchonke. On the head side-cap with
the asterisk. German was applied to the sight frame, and girl
proved to be by the prisoner in her fatal cut. After leaving,
Masha zazhmurilas', she leaned on the cliff and coughed. It for
long coughed and spat out black saliva to the earth. The fight
of debt and pity could be guessed in face of boy - German soldier.
Eyebrows frowned, forehead was covered with perspiration.
The moved the back of the head side-cap opened tow-haired
cockscomb. Finger lay on the trigger button of machine gun, but
soldier did not shoot. Here desperate this girl was detached
away from the cliff, repaired belt on the field shirt, she glanced at
the sky and moved forward, to the well. The stem of machine gun
persistently followed it. It was evidently through the sighting
notch, as Masha it approached a well, as it went around those killed,
as it were inclined for a moment above one... From the cleft of
cliff the people napryazhenno followed each Mashinym step. It
here lowered bucket, into the well it selected rope. Complete of
transparent water bucket became to the felling, and Masha fell down to
the water. She saw, saw, saw, saw, stopped in order to inhale
air, and again saw.
Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 5

German followed it. Eyes because of the
cliff followed, - eyes of the people dying from the thirst...
After getting drunk finally, Masha again lowered and raised
bucket. German saw, as girl it again repaired belt on the field
shirt, took bucket and it leisurely went conversely, to the cliff.
The stem of machine gun followed it step by step. Masha
Went. People in the catacombs awaited. It seemed already
eternity goes girl. She here approached the cleft. The
finger of German soldier trembled. It trembled, but it did not
harvest trigger button. And somewhere to the side, where lay
after the machine gun German, to the side of enemy, who spared it,
smiled the girl. And it were hidden... In the stone
quarries, at the entrance awaited Masha the soldiers, commanders,
women, children. All kept silent and zavorozhenno they looked at
the bucket, set by Masha to the earth, bucket, in which stirred silver
surface water. THE SUMMER FORTY FIFTH Tarakhteli, tapped the
wheels of the old stirred railroad car. Soldiers slept.
They lay and sat on the regiments, in the passages, on the
floor. Was them here in the railroad car of times in ten more
than standard. The spark plug, inserted into the lamp, dimly
illuminated railroad car. Sergey awoke because. Masha
shouted in the sleep. It rose from the floor, was inclined above
it. Masha tossed, she shouted and seemingly would repulse
something from herself. - awake, Masha, - sears Sergey, - awake,
you will wake people... It is quieter, it is quieter...
And Masha Awoke. It were forced against back, after
selecting, feet and with the fear, having widely opened eyes, without
learning, it looked at Sergey. - this 4... 4...
Uspokoysya. However, well uspokoysya... But Masha
all so sat, after being pressed into the lump. - come to,
Mashenka. Everything is good, - sears Sergey. - - We are
living. War ended... We will go home to Moscow.
Realize... To you again something dreamed... And
Masha suddenly rushed to the neck to Sergey and, shaking, weeping, it
pressed. to it. - well, it is quiet, quietly...
Everything is good, everything is good. But Masha cried
increasingly more strongly ' - Uspokoysya, forget, expensive, forget.
Everything passed, everything ended, everything is good,
Mashenka, forget... - you do not give to sleep, draw... - - it were
heard, on top, from the third shelf, dissatisfied voice, - day by them
it is small... And already zaulybalas' Masha, and they in a
whisper something told each other and laughed and shut to each other
of companies with hand in order not to cause by its laughter anger of
angry upper uncle. The nearer approached Masha the school, her
native house, the neuverenneye she went, the more frequently it
glanced at Sergey, searching for his supports. Gates were
opened, school court was flooded by sunlight. Shouting,
colliding each other, children chased football ball. In the
depth of court stood two-story fligelek. After glancing upward,
to its opened windows, Masha said: - there those - extreme
two... Boys ceased to chase ball and were set to the girl with
the Medal for Valor and the "Red Star" on the field shirt and the
Senior Lieutenant with two rows of combat orders, who rested on the
stick. - children, who in you now director? - Anna vanna,
- by the disordered of mansions answered Masha boys. - it
already house. - - Young fellow similar to the gypsy child began
to bawl, looking upward, into entire throat: - - Anna vanna!
Anna vanna! In one of the outer windows of fligel'ka,
which indicated earlier Masha, appeared elderly woman with the towel
and the plate in the hands. - you go, comrades, I please you, -
she said it. - - Kostik, carry out... Gypsy child broke
into a run to the entrance, threw open door. - thanks, Kostik, I
know road. Masha passed into the entrance. Sergey after it
by track. Wooden stairs conducted on the second floor.
Masha rose, detaining hand on the rails, feeling their familiar
smoothness. Sergey ponimayushche looked at it. The boys
were gathered in the court around the gypsy child. - they saw,
che in it... "for the courage"! - you will think, it took
in someone for hire yes it fastened in order to pofasonit', - said
small skeptic and here he obtained on the ear. - be plugged,
fascist! - fascist himself! - began to roar skeptic.
Here Masha and Sergey already on the area of wooden stairs.
Here turning on the second march, and in the opened doors it
already stood, waiting their, Anna ivanovna. - grant, please
you... - - she said it and suddenly, after throwing up hands, it
yelled into entire voice: - Mashenka! Masha! - it
rushed downward, towards... Then all sat at the tea table.
Begun to cry, still wiping eyes Anna Ivanovna, Masha and Sergey.
Masha was inspected, searching for, finding, learning the
familiar signs of its previous life. But Anna Ivanovna all
spoke, she said: -... all I preserved after Pavel Petrovich...
both furniture your and dishes - here... Take this large room,
and 4 thus far in spalenke, and then, of course, I will move where not
where - they will give to me area... 4 so it is happy. Masha,
and nothing I know how to express, really, really, girl, you
arrived?.. What horror, such as horror this war... of how many
it did not become... - Anna Ivanovna, expensive, anywhere we will not
move, true, Serezha? - - Sergey nodded. - - They gave
hostel to us... And I is very glad, that precisely you here,
house... I want... I I want so that you would describe about dad... if
you please... - you do see, detka, when war began and you was shrewd
to the front, Pavel Petrovich began to languish terribly... 4 even
describe to you I cannot as it, poor, it survived... Only child,
weak girl somewhere there - in war... Indeed it loved you more
than life, in you it saw mom your deceased, and all, entire, whole
world was in you... As it awaited letter, any news from you, but
everything not there was news, not it was, and when finally it arrived
this unique triangle from you, of him no longer it became.
Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 6

- 4 could not write, Anna ivanovna. Such
conditions were... - it did not become Pavel Petrovich's our...
Its war killed, war. As it survived each summary about our
retreat... it could not be reconciled... Simply physically it
faded, and everything kept silent, it kept silent... Then the
first impact, the second... Without the consciousness,
everything to you spoke - as if you by a number... We on the
turn was on duty near it... Here such a one, Mashenka, native...
In narobraze they bustle about - they want name it to
appropriate to school... Such a one... Well, and you?
And as you do think to live, what plans? - 4 to the
medical, - she said Masha, - if they accept. But Sergey - it
indeed, Anna ivanovna, from the flight school to the front left... - A
family your, parents?.. - Serezha of detdomovets, - said Masha.
Sergey long ago already to something listened and everything
looked to the side of half-open door. - in you there it seems
water flows... - - it said it Anna ivanovne. - this 4 crane
left, when you arrived, - she began to bustle and she went to the
kitchen to shut crane. Sergey and Masha exchanged glances:
for them water, sound of the current water it indicated
something for others inaccessible. Then they dispatch everything
together on the school corridor, past the closed class doors.
Masha opened one of them, she glanced, it approached the desk -
extreme, in window. Touched it, village... In teacher Anna
Ivanovna it brought guests to that hanging on the wall, set right into
the framework of photograph. - your release, - she said it, - we
it therefore here placed, - she was wrapped up to Sergey, - that they
indeed all, by entire class left by volunteers to the war. Who
into sandruzhinu, who into the army, who into the militia...
everything. You here Masha do not learn, Sergey? After
squinting, Sergey nursed by view on the persons and the most beautiful
girl in the center of group. - there is no A here also! -
ridiculed herself Masha. - - This is bell - roller Of
kolokol'chikova. You simply toady selected prettiest. But
4 - is there above, frog. - yes, children... - - said Anna
Ivanovna, - children, children... From this release two thirds
they perished... There - splitting models, Sinel'nikov
Volodya... what was capable boy... Kalinin Marat - you remember,
as it teased you... Children... Anna ivanovna called
names, and Masha was carried out by finger through the persons of
those, she spoke about anyone. -... Kudoyarov Showa...
about the Ger.. "Pravda" wrote, caused fire to itself - Hero of
the Soviet Union... it is posthumous... Three without the news
of propali - Yulik of the Trifons, Grosman, Tatar Anya... Lord, Lord,
what terrible price we paid... Yes, here who is living and who
in Moscow - is ball, he recently went on me - your knight Of mitya was
ball. - - And, after turning to Sergey, Anna ivanovna continued:
- it is not possible to visualize, how many jokes, how many
sharpnesses were in our school in regard to this! Almost from
the second class was declared in Masha loyal knight. You cannot
visualize that this wretch suffered in the school years! Eternal
mockeries of children, machine drawings, sometimes very evil...
You want, Masha, 4 to you his address I will give?..
Sergey and Masha sat on the bench near the monument to Pushkin.
Past them dispatch passer-by, the children played in their feet,
the whistles of automobiles and the bells of streetcars reached from
the street. Rarely only someone will glance at the slender girl
in the military form and the sitting next Senior Lieutenant. But
they looked, looked on those passed and silently, to ponimayushche
they exchanged glances, when any little-one ran away from the gaping
herself mother or falld in love, no one and nothing not vidya all
around, dispatch in the state of prostration. And the shadow of
listvy rocked on the sand, shadows and solar specks of light rocked on
the earth before Sergey and Masha. - think, - he said Sergey, -
we were living... Masha was forced against its arm. - give
so, - it raised indicating finger, - let we have the sign. If I
show this finger you - it means, I said: "think, Serezha, we are
living". It is agreeable? Sergey nodded by head and also
raised indicating finger. They stopped near them, smoking, two
men. - fie, what heat, - did say one, - that we will make?
- come, let us compose pool, will kill vecherok. Sergey
and Masha smiled, after looking to each other, and then they glanced
by after zhazhdushchim "to kill vecherok". Masha reached from
the pocket of field shirt small mirror and comb. - hold. - -
It gave mirror to Sergey and it began to comb. - that zh
it does not go, your knight? It can be, to it note they did not
transmit? - allo! Masha! - was heard exclamation.
- ball! - - it yelled. - - Miten'ka! Masha
rushed towards the high young person in the railroad form. They
were embraced, were kissed, and Masha brought it to Sergey. -
here, Serezha, this is Mitya it is ball. Listen to, as you grew!
Doubly. On top of that in this form... You was
Lieutenant, in my opinion... However, what this - now by
machinist he were sealed? Or by high-ranker? Mitya shook
hand to Sergey, he said gravely: - it is ball, - and it sat to
the bench next to Masha. - Pravda, Mitya, - it did pull at it
it, - tell, that you? How you? Where you? And that
after form? - so... - - neopredelenno answered Mitya, - one

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Seems very interesting, good job finding it.

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Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 7

- well, I learn... - - zakhokhotala Masha, - it is
eternally in ball some secrets. And indeed everything will lie,
everything will lie. Throw to be scutched, Mit'ka, speak, as
men. Maybe, and truth he did become high-ranker? - smoke,
- it lengthened Mitya the bundle of "Kazbek" to Sergey. - -
There are no, Mashas, no 4 not authorities. Me for my
language into two calculations they would advance itself you know... -
yes, no doubt about that. Mit'ka eternally of teachers was
led... 4 with this parasite on one desk it sat, and it blew away
everything in me. But you remember, with The the ton'koy?..
Both began to laugh. - A Marat... - perished Marat, - said
Masha, and they became silent. Then Masha asked: - well,
and that to make you do be going? - into the medical to sword.
- be it cannot?! And 4 there. Secondly or into the
first? - 4 papers the secondly of podal. - it is here
healthy, and 4 there! - again together. If we are not
covered, certainly. You will accept accurately - frontovichka...
But you, Serezha? - "zavykal", - she said Masha, -
patients, also, on "you" to pass. - give on "you", truth.
But you where? Sergey smiled. - it is sooner
anything in taxi drivers to hearths. I will you convey, "to the
paw" take. - it into the academy of Zhukovskiy enters, Serezha -
pilot, - she said Masha. - - Well that zh, children, let us
conclude the triple alliance... After placing hands for the
back, Mitya it said: - it is agreeable, leave this. I want
so that Sergey would know. I want in that opened. Give in
that opened. This is what, Sergey. I love Masha. Has
long ago loved I we they swore to each other to be forever together.
Here are what matters. War us separated. I searched
for Masha always. Probably, it wrote hundreds of demands and it
could not find. And if we finally were encountered...
Sergey, you must give to me the possibility to have a talk with
Masha in private. - my agreement it seems not at all it is
required? - - smiled Masha. - - You will decide two
together? - I will be house. Masha, - said Sergey and,
without saying goodbye with Dmitriy, it left. Along the street
of Gor'kiy the pedestrians moved with continuous mass as in the
theatrical foyer during the intermission. The sun, mild weather,
the an even holiday, victorious atmosphere - everything was located to
a slow, easy pace - people dispatch without hurrying. A great
many servicemen from the Private to the Colonel continually they
trumped to each other with the encounter. Redko-redko fell
concerned face or the hurrying person, which passed to the bridge in
order to pass sluggish passer-by. And perhaps never even during
the usual everyday day saw the street of this many smiles, this
radiance of eyes, such good faces. It occurred, that Sergey did
not note the greeting of counter serviceman and did not answer it.
He did not note curious maidenly views and whispering girl
friends, who laugh, looking to him after. - comrade is Senior
Lieutenant, - it stopped his officer with the red bandage at the
sleeve - the chief of patrol. - - Why you do not greet senior in
grade?.. What do you have with the hand? Sergey nedoumenno
looked to it, then view on the cam transferred - the blood flowed from
it. It unclenched hand - the splinters of the crushed mirror lay
on the cut palm. - give into the drugstore - there at the angle,
- he said officer, however, - that this you so... - there is no,
Mitya, - told Sharovu Masha. They sat on the same bench on the
avenue, children next played, they chased ball - - no, all this
childhood... Too much arose between us then-occuring and
present.... - you simply everything forgot... you you do not
visualize, as 4 you he searched for... - nothing, Miten'ka, - Masha
ironed it on the head, sorted out hair, - everything is formed.
And then, you somehow ignore most important: I love
Sergey, and war connected us with it. Perfectly still.
Forever. Mitya gripped its hands. - understand, 4 I
cannot live without you, I not can... And here large rubber ball
with the force struck Mityu into the person. It jumped, it
rushed to the children. They fleeing. Masha laughed.
She tried to hold in control, but laughter investigated its more
and it is more. It laughed loud. Mitya, obizhennyy, stood
by a number. Finally Masha took herself in the hands, she said
seriously: - Prosti, not sulfurdi... And why you
nevertheless in the form of railroad worker? - Masha sprinkled
again. - yes because the serviceman was worn out to the holes.
But this remained from Vanya, elder brother. He was
machinist, i.e., civil, and him outright, during the voyage.
They bombed out composition with evakuirovannymi... -... you
know, Mashenka, - he said once Sergey, - to my commission two days,
and in me are old debt, before the war still everything was collected
to take a trip into its orphanage, to see our nurses's aide -
"five-ailingcVna" we it they called. Evidently, we thus
re-agitated some name. She pitied us. Merry such was,
eternally it jokes, songs to us it sings. But that will cry,
when who offends... Five-ailingcVna. good soul. One
hundred times were collected and never took a trip. I do not
know, it is living? Indeed eternity passed... - let us go,
Serezha. Let us go directly now... - this not far from Moscow.
By electric railway. - thanks, - she said Masha, - but 4
to speak I do not know how... Together with the red-checked
nurses's aide entered Petrovna - sister- mistress - thick -pretolsta4,
sleepy woman in the white dressing gown. - Zdras'te, she said,
grandmother in the invalid house lives, she is ill, and to look to no
one. Here 4 to you address copied...
Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 8

Sergey took paper, he said good-bye. - we
will await, - it accompanied their managing, - arrive to have a talk
with the children. And you also, if you please... They
dispatch by path on the edge of the high, steep break, under which far
below, being beautifully bent, flowed the creek. But on that
side of creek were opened wide they gave - steppes, copses and again
steppe to the horizon itself. Not united living soul around.
- kiss me, Serezha... - - said Masha. Sergey embraced it,
he kissed. And for long, for long, very for long lasted this
kiss. In Masha the eyes were closed. Then it opened them,
and, gradually becoming clear, it woke up from the oblivion its view,
and, looking at the boundless they gave across the river, she said to
Sergey, removing: - here machine-gun point... the survey of
what... Sergey was examined, looked - survey was that actually
staggering. - it is not must, Masha, not must... try to forget.
Let us go, here turning must be, and after it our orphanage... -
as you do speak - five-ailingcVna? - yes, yes.
Five-ailingcVna. Complete such, round-faced. Hair
with the gray hair... - - answered Sergey by the manager by orphanage.
- no, do not have we similar. But surname you it do not
know? - this, probably about Nikishkinu asks the Lieutenant, -
interfered into the conversation elderly nurse. - Senior
Lieutenant, - repaired its manager. - I apologize myself, - she
said nurse, - but Nikishkina long ago on the pension. Before the
war still. It, probably, children similarly somehow so called.
In the doors of office young nurses's aides crowded and with
great interest, pushing slightly each other and chuckling, examined
Sergey. - A you, which means, our pupil? - asked manager.
- certainly. - here success- that... - - it spread, - have
a talk with our rebyatney... this indeed what for them event it will
be... - another time, now I should find Pyatikhvorovnu... How
you did say? Nikishkina she?.. - here her granddaughter by
sister- mistress. But well, Tatiana, lively run off, to poklich'
Petrovna, - said nurse to red-checked young nurses's aide, and that
disappeared. however, - A that you us did not introduce to your
companion, comrade Senior Lieutenant? - said manager. -
this is my wife. Be introduced, Masha. - what in you
rewards are honorable, Masha, "for the courage" - to think only, this
girl... And "star" Still... There can be, you, Masha, also
you will come out? - there it in the carriage sits, Nikishkina,
said medical orderly. Sergey and Masha left into the small
garden of invalid house. In the carriage, it is wide the
aperture of eye, old woman in the cotton dress, in the large boots
sat. Sergey tried not to give out his agitation and
disappointment at the sight of it. They approached with Masha.
But blind old woman continued, without blinking, to look far.
- how do you do, nurses's aide pyatikhvorovn, - said Sergey.
Without shifting gaze, old woman asked: - this who speaks?
There is here who or to me it was heard?; - it asked by
indistinct voice. Sergey approached it very near. - this
4, nurses's aide, Serezha. Ivanov Serezha. Old woman did
lengthen hand, she were touched Sergey, you do not remember me,
five-ailingcVna? 4 to you here small present is small...
Sergey placed the brought packet by it on the elbows. -
thanks, old woman it were touched the packet, and you I will not
recollect, if she would see, it can be... Even then hardly... it
grew, sky. - nurses's aide pyatikhvorovn, this 4 that that in
manager to the bank of jam it took away... Fastening...
Old woman rocked by head. -... Well, that that it
slipped little mouse to it into the box... Really you do not
remember? You still hid me then... But when I lay also in
me the fever was, you cried and they prayed to god for me. -
there is no, detochka, with the regret said old woman, - much you in
me were, so it is much... Some departed, others came...
There is no, detka, I will not recall... The impact
gripped me in forty first. 4 hiding place to Vasen'ku - only my
- as it obtained, so also it fell also into itself, they spoke, month
it did not come. And eyes became increasingly more badly, it is
worse from that time... and the memory entirely of oslabla...
How you did say, you to call? - Serezha. Sergey
Ivanov. - I still here is someone? - to Masha. Wife
is my. - you sit down yourselves, children, on the shop.
Here is she... - - Old woman groped bench next to herself.
Sergey and Masha settle. -... In me now one matter -
to think. Earlier vein - not about that thought, but now I
think, I think by entire days., And here I think: why we
do live? Whom not you will ask - I do not know, he speaks.
Priest fills fog. Lecturer here one arrived from the
society "knowledge" - that and completely nonsense talked:
lives, it is said, man, in order to work. 4 so I
understand - we work, in order to live, and it vice versa turned
inside out all. But indeed must be something... Yes here
life ends, but 4 so I do not know... And also, children, it
became 4 to consider, and it is obtained; everything, which to
me seemed important, now proved to be rubbish, but what it did not
value - the very, the very the main thing left: here simple to
look, to see people, solnyshko, entire to all around see - here it the
main thing, here happiness- that. Yes in order to understand, -
to become blind necessary, here is misfortune... Well, 4 you,
children, it addressed... Yes indeed entire one, one, one... no
one are necessary, but it occurs, it is necessary to compulsorily be
necessary although to one person in the light... But that is
void, blackness around... And you are beaten - why you live, why
Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 9

but - as "why"? How much you people grew,
nurses's aide... - - said Sergey. - - Perhaps this is not the
sense of life? Hundred, probably left, into the life they
released... Perhaps this is trifle? Here 4 you,
five-ailingcVna, why it did search for? Indeed mother you to me.
Mother. In each mother must be in me - you... Not it
was another. Old woman reached from the pocket shawl, wiped
eyes. - well, thanks, native, the thanks to you... Iditol,
children, I got tired, chatted, old fool... Sergey and Masha
send to the output, to the winches. They dispatch sad. Sad
was encounter... - Ivanov Sergey! - it called out, after opening
door into the receiving, the secretary of acceptance board - Junior
Lieutenant in the flying form. Sergey in a hurry selected
through those expecting as and it, its lot of the high school seniors
of air force academy. Acceptance board consisted of officers and
medical officers. While Sergey entered, one of the doctors
showed to another the X-ray photograph and indicated some place it.
- you sit down yourselves, if you please, said to Sergey the
chairman of commission. Sergey villages, cautious mowing to the
doctors, who examine the X-ray photograph. Chairman of polistal
the lying before it documents. - we became acquainted with your
private affair, comrade Senior Lieutenant, he said, they became
acquainted also with the conclusion of medical board....
According to the data of private affair you have all foundations
for being that allowed to the entrance examinations... Sergey
understood that now he will follow "but", that the matter of him is
bad. However, chairman thus far yet did not speak "but".
He continued: - you warred well, Senior Lieutenant...
Afterward Adzhimushkaya from the autumn of forty second you were
in the landing group of forces of Western Front, so... Then in
the brigade of special designation on the first Ukrainian... so...
They are rewarded with the Order of the Red Banner for boosting
of the Dnepr... so... And finally the "patriotic war" of the
second degree, so... Medals... Sixty second army, it is
demobilized in Berlin during June of forty fifths... By the way,
Ivanov, why you did be late with the supply of documents? -
searched for wife, comrade Colonel, it was at other front. -
they did find? - found, comrade Colonel. Also it were
demobilized. Battalion medical instructor, comrade is Colonel.
In The adzhimushkayskoy epic it participated. Answering,
Sergey alarming cast looks on the members of commission, who about by
something whispered to one another themselves. - well so here, -
with the regret pronounced finally the Colonel, - to the great
disappointment to our, we cannot allow you, Sergey, to the
examinations... Although it expected this, Sergey jumped, after
turning pale. - comrade Colonel... - physicians rattled and
X-rayed you in a most attentive manner... In you the splinter in
heart sits - this of times, and the strongest consequences of
dystrophia... apparently, adzhimushkayskoy still... You do not
befit, Senior Lieutenant... itself must understand... - 4 pilots,
shouted Sergey, you understand, 4 pilots, 4 for that only I live!..
Physicians eternally reinsure... - comrade Senior Lieutenant...
- it attempted strictly to stop his Colonel, tapping by pencil on the
water bottle. But it carried Sergey. -... splinter?
Yes I am operated, if you please... 4 absolutely healthy
person... - it is agreeable, let it be it pronounced, - waved by hand
Colonel. And Sergey addressed more calmly, although by the same
degree excitation; -... 4 in the school... there is in man a
feeling, why it was borne... here here, in the hands in me machine...
and instead of the sky me it flung in the cave... the stone
overhead... Well, he thought, if I survive... It survived
- war, not to the flying training, it warred, where they threw...
Unexpectedly Sergey drooped, umolk, descended head. The
members of commission with the sympathy looked at it. -
everything we understand, friend, - he said Colonel, - but right to us
such it is not given... You will obtain documents in the office.
Everything. Give the following. After leaving the
academy, Sergey stopped, without knowing, without understanding, where
to it to go. It stood that depressed, in the indecision, the
passer-by flowed about the it. The building of academy left the
pilot, captain, and, after seeing Sergey, he rushed to it: -
Serega! Really you?.. And why such gloomy? Sergey
with the surprise glanced at it and suddenly, after learning, it
smiled. - Andrey... Friends were embraced. Then they
began to scrutinize each other, and only here Sergey noted on the
breast of Andrey the asterisk of the hero above three rows of orders
and medals. - Fir tree- stick... you there, occurs... - A 4
about you in all flying connections he managed... Well, then in
the infantry it did war? How so? - A thus, brother, it
came out, this vezukha. And now they advanced, to the
examinations they did not allow... - be it cannot! - physicians
are cursed!.. 4 it turned sour. - from the mind to
descend! You do remember, your first departure? Let us go,
brother, let us nevertheless note encounter. - let us go, to
Masha it is must... She does know, as 4 of this it did fear... -
Masha? - yes, Masha, wife. - there as... Well, let
us go, then let us glance to you, you will introduce. And they
"glanced". Supporting each other and heroically attempting to be
held exactly, friends became sunken to Masha, who ispuganno bounced
off the window.

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Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 10

- Masha, said Sergey, everything... these... enema
tubes, as Chapay he spoke... It pronounced words with
difficulty, povalilsya to the chair, lowered head to the hands.
Andrey lengthened to Masha enormous lapishchu. - we of one
flight school with the fastening... Andrey me they call...
We barely noted perhaps it is a little noticeable... -
noticeably, noticeably... 4 here only from the mind it did not descend
from the uneasiness. They did not allow Serezhu? - did not
allow, reptiles... It the best cadet was in the school...
natural pilot... After lowering head, Sergey sat at the kitchen
table - only fundamental thing in their komnatenke, illuminated by the
dim lamp, which overhung from under the ceiling. - what to
make... - Andrey said. - it is good to Sergey to enter into the
highway. 4 it it told, yes he now to listen to does not want.
But in me there rector is brother-in-law. Yes even without
that to fastening all rights.' Sergey suddenly straightened and
struck by cam the table top. - not I will be! I do not
want! - it yelled and rolled up by head. - nothing I
want... nothing not I will be... nothing not I will be... nothing not
I will be... - it survives... - he said Andrey. Masha approached
Sergey, she embraced, ironed on the cheek, then showed finger.
Sergey ceased to twist by head and was set to the finger, with
the bewilderment he looked to Masha, again to the finger, anything
understanding. Then in its eyes the little spark of recollection
flickered, and, after recalling finally everything, pitifully it
smiled and took machines finger by its indicating. - Oy!
You will break! - - it ridiculed itself. DECEMBER OF
FORTY SIXTH Sergey awoke because Masha yelled in the sleep. It
arose, was included light. Dim lamp lit up under the ceiling,
after illuminating tiny room, two cots, kitchen table in window, book
shelf and the linen basket, in which slept the child. Masha
moaned, being sufficient at the throat. - awake, Mashenka,
awake, you will wake Katya. Masha awoke and that frightened lay,
it is wide the aperture of eye. - again catacomb? Sergey
said. Finally Masha Awoke Finally. - it is simply amazing,
she said, how much in all was since then, and entire the same dreams.
Again suffocate us by gases... - all because you think about
Adzhimushkaye... To forget, to forget necessary... - to eat you
want? - - Masha asked. - no. - untruth. Loaf
leave, and there grain crops piece in the newspaper. And jam.
- only with you together. - well, give. And repair
overcoat - child will catch cold himself. Sergey pulled the
slipping down overcoat, by which the girl in the basket, was
sheltered, and took from the window-sill the piece of bread, covered
into the newsprint. It was necessary to tear off container with
the remainders of jam to knife - it froze to the ice crust, which
covered the window glass. Entire room was full of the books -
they lay not only on the shelf, but also on the table, on the
window-sill, on the floor: textbooks, textbooks, it and its
textbooks. - Oy, Serezha, you sat down on Abrikosov!
Sergey, laughing, took out from under himself textbook. -
you will go into the consultation, Serezha, do not forget bottle to
wash out by boiling water. They ate bread, looked at each other
and from time to time groundlessly smiled. Child stirred, and
Masha, after thrusting feet into the kirzovye boots and after being
muffled into the shawl, approached the basket. No, everything is
quiet. Katya slept, snuffling and shevelya by lips. -
which to it does dream? - said Sergey. - it can be, we
with you? - are sooner anything any fogginess... In that
difficult, monstrously difficult postwar forty sixth, hungry card yr,
in the cold, snowless winter on the market there was nevertheless both
the potato and milk, and fat into two fingers thickness - everything
was, but where to take fabulous sums of money? Potato - one
hundred rubles in the kilogramme. And completely you will not
approach to oil. Noise of market, human talk overlapped with the
knock of crutches and home-made wooden feet, hooked to the stump.
They squeaked to the different voices, cracked invalid
ploshchadochki of legless on the bearings instead of the wheels.
Blind, legless, armless - their how much were on the market, not
to compute... Great war is recently shrewd into the past, but
misfortunes remained, remained to mountain, brought by it. Masha
passed on numbers, holding the girl muffled into the blanket, and it
got accustomed to the trading women, all without being solved to turn
to any of them. But women passed by inattentive view slender
figurine in shinel'ke, in the kirzovykh boots, with the child on the
hands, not vidya in it buyer. Masha would get accustomed to the
public, to the market women, searching for this woman, coma it is
possible to be entrusted: indeed to sell the bread, obtained on
the cards, - crime. To try, that whether, to exchange the
vpryamuyu loaf for the milk, for the piece of oil? It is not
nevertheless so dangerous... Here it seems the suitable old lady
- affectionate smile, good view... Masha neuverenno stopped near
it. - aunty, you will not take in me bukhanochku as the money or
as the milk and oil piece?.. Good old lady became still better,
she smiled. - to think necessary... It is possible to
take, of course, if you require... We must help each other... -
to me for the child... that does not be sufficient that from the
Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 11

- A in the very- that that - there is no milk?
Not at all? - no. - here is misfortune, here is
misfortune... Entirely people disappears... However, and
that you do request for your loaf? - yes to me milk bottle and
oil of grams one hundred, at least... it is possible thus? -
well, then on -bojeski you request... not impudently. Well,
show- kA its loaf. Yes carefully so that who would not note, but
that you know, as with the bread... immediately they arrest...
Masha unnoticeably transmitted loaf. Old lady weighed it
in the hand and, after being inclined, it lowered into next the bag
confronting. When it straightened, this was already entirely
another woman - malicious, vile ram. She asked Masha by the
squeaking voice: - well, what you do cost? To you what it
is here must? Masha kept silent, stupefied. - they walk
here... - - it grumbled old woman, - by bread they speculate...
There militia goes - to call it, that whether... Well,
what post it did become? What, 4 in you was taken anything?
It must 4 to you, that whether?.. To what impudent people
went, - it were turned it to the neighbor, - only and they look - to
deceive, to drag... riff-raff, golodrantsy cursed... Masha
slowly turned away, she began to depart, after forcing against herself
child. It here passed the step, another, the third... Old
woman looked to it it after and suddenly shouted: - 31 you!
Billeting. Masha was examined. Old woman stretched
by it the bottle of milk. - take, features with you, not to you
- child for... they walk here, you understand... Tyuey
zhalobyat, to people of vein they twist... Crutches knocked on
the market, muffling noise, the talk of human. Dissection room.
Lame watchman took out with iron hook of the refrigeratory
department winder... - obtain. As cucumber, - it said.
Students caught winder and transported it in the vacant place in
large window. Almost entire hall was occupied with the groups of
the students, each of whom worked at "their" corpse. Masha
remained aside in column. - well, that we will make? - it
approached it it was ball. - I do not know, Mitya. I not
can. I feel, that simply I will fall, I will lose
consciousness... - but you on the front not similar saw... - this
other, entirely another... - precisely other - there the blood,
suffering, and here dried, naformalinennyy - no longer man, not corpse
even - material for the work... You should psychologically
overcome this... ridiculously... Vanya pastukhov approached
them. High-cheeked, peasant form fellow. White dressing
gown sat on it snugly fitting, apparently, numbers to two are less
than it is must. - Mary, - he said it, - on here - take
papirosku, smoke, and everything will be tick- so. Neither to
you smell not you pochuyesh' nor to you nothing. Take...
It lengthened to Masha the bundle of cheap cigarettes, it
cautiously took, prikurila from the match lit by Ivan, tightened
itself and coughed. - nothing, not combat, this at first
popershit, but there you will become accustomed. - listen to,
herdsmen, - after clearing the throat finally did say Masha, - which
there in you did happen? - delirium some, - he said ball, -
someone in it from under the mattress writing-book took out...
What there in you, Vanya, it was? - that?.. Diary
was... - well and that you there?.. - thoughts it wrote. I
will think and will write down. - well, this, brother, regarding
thoughts. You there, sky, Hitler praised... Herdsmen it
ridiculed itself. - it is agreeable, not dreyf', Ivan, we you
into the offence will not give...; - it flapped ball Ivan on the arm.
- children, however, that you? someone of their group
shouted, and they were directed to the window. The session of
Komsomol bureau went on, they discussed Vanya pastukhova. It sat
on the stool at the door, as if stranger here, in the Komsomol
organization. The members of bureau were placed around the
table. Next to the secretary - Nina orlov - sat the dean of the
department Of proskuryakov, the very same and the representative of
Party bureau. Dean first removed and wipe glasses in the black
mounting, then was again put on they. The strange transformation
occurred with the eyes of decane in this case: when they were
placed after the thick glass - that there were the eyes serious,
attentive and, apparently, sensible person. When dean removed
glasses - entirely another suddenly was revealed: lascivious
eyes, unclean running view but glasses are again put on, and again
before us serious, significant person. Nina Orlov, absolutely
convinced of the correctness of each its word, being doubted in
nothing, she said: -... Mikhail Stepanovich clearly opened
the essence Of pastukhova. To discuss, in my opinion, there is
no necessity whatever. By such as herdsmen, not place in the
komsomol and not place in the institute. I do place on the
voting... - wait, - she did say Masha, - is nevertheless concretely -
that there in Ivan in the writing-book? Orlov it opened
writing-book, it began to turn over the pages. Dean put on
glasses and said: - the there clearly expressed
subjective-idealistic philosophy, solipsism, if you do want... - in
Van'ki - philosophy? - mocking asked Masha. - yes,
visualize. But about solipsism - read- kA, Orlov, I marked off
this place. - "walked yesterday in Petrovskiy park, - it read
Nina, - it thought: if I shut eyes - immediately there is
neither these trees nor benches nor people. Will open eyes -
again they here. It leaves, they there is only if 4 them I see
Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 12

- well, here, where is further - the solipsism of
pure water! And there in it still and you will find not similar.
It, occurs, even Nietzsche in publichke read. Nothing he
understood, but it read. Furthermore, in it here any suspicious
aphorisms are for some purpose extracted... - - she said Nina, - for
example: "end to the fight, when enemy is devastated.
Ovidiy ". "virtue, which requires that it constantly they
would guard, hardly it stands hour". And so on, and so on, and
so on. Then in it here generally ponapisano completely
incompatible with the title of Komsomol member. No longer
policy, but ethics. Also piece is required for the member of
organization. - read. - not I will 4 this pokhabstvo read.
He writes about its sleeps. What to it indency dreams - to
read disgustingly. And the basis still brings: it is said,
4, probably he became man - therefore in me such sleeps... Filth
is what!.. This, of course, not main thing. But also is
characterized Pastukhova as Komsomol member. - this of trifle,
in vain, Orlov, you on this fix attention to bureau, - he said dean, -
discussion deals about the fact that in Pastukhova are discovered the
clearly idealistic views, incompatible with a stay in the komsomol.
On this conversation. - I place on the voting... - wait, -
she said Masha, - i have a question. - give. - who did
steal in Ivan writing-book? - this refers no to the matter.
- has, and straight line itself. It is earlier than to
solve the fate Of pastukhova, we must expel from the organization of
pilferer and informer. Noise rose. Masha arose. - I
require. You do not have a right to hide. No one gave to
you such rights. - well, it is good. Let only herdsmen it
leave. but - why to it to leave? Remain, Ivan. This
its more all it concerns! - I took notebook, - arose from the
place beautiful young fellow. - you? raised that shaken of
herdsmen. - - You?.. Be it cannot... - it is good friend,
- said Masha. It continued with the bewilderment to look
herdsmen at its friend. - yes, 4, Savelyev, this made.
This is my debt. And by your, by the way, also... - this
is what, children, - it interfered dean, - so in you bureau by
somersault will go. Solve the problem, which costs in the
agenda, - about Pastukhove. But then can be occupied than
conveniently. - it is good, - she said Masha, - only I want to
aloud say to this to Savelyev, that 4 about it I think: podonok
you, Savelyev, der'mo you, Savelyev. And I will categorically
require that they would clean the komsomol of the pilferer and the
informer. But Now Vote Pastukhova. But it can be, you to
it will also give word? - you will speak, herdsmen? - it
asked Orlov. Herdsmen it arose. - you from what year, by
the way? - Orlov it did glance into the papers - - twenty
eighths? - aha, from twenty eighth. - not of the cams?
- accurately. It guessed. From these.
Idioweaving you, I see... - but, but... language hold. -
it would read a little although private affair... To batyu
kulaks killed and mother burnt. to me three years was. Relatives
not of soul. It would die, if b not society, not strange people.
- it is agreeable, you us not zhalobi. The discussion
deals with your idealistic views. - listen to, Ninka, that you
from yourself here construct?.. - 4 to you, herdsmen, not Ninka.
- 4 into this tetradochku all I write that I think. Both
questions and thought I write. To me to hide something.
But in what I here recognize fault - it did not become skilled
to distinguish snake from the man. This is 4 about you,
Savelyev. - it is agreeable, a question is clear, - she said
Orlov, - sit down yourself, herdsmen. We pass to the voting.
Who for that in order to exclude from it is series komsomol for
the ideological bends and the subjective world view Of pastukhova of
Ivan, please to raise hands. Masha demonstratively placed hands
under herself and villages on them. Decane raised hand, raised
Nina, then the two additional members of bureau. Mitya is ball
it sat directly against Masha, after lowering head, and it did not
raise hand. Dean looked to it. - A you, is ball, that -
against? Or to you special invitation does be required?
And still without raising head, without looking at Masha, it is
ball it raised hand. - who against? Rose two hands -
machine and still young fellow, the silently sat at the end table.
- who did restrain? Thus, with exception Of pastukhova
five, against - two. There are no restrained, I declare the
session of bureau to those closed. - paper souls, - said Masha.
- much for itself you allow, - it answered Orlov. - yes...
- - Masha gathered from the table her veshchichki:
fountain pen, notebook. - - About the conscience in you
here, brothers... - Pouchi, pouchi... - we are not, I simply indicate
that I think. In the life indeed, you know, as, it made meanness
- and all this to you... well, not chess - it threw out figurines and
give on the new... I will differently play... - here, Kovalev, no one
made meannesses, - he said dean, - and you not very... - this who as
considers, - she cut off Masha, - that meanness, but that reaching.
And it left into the corridor. It it overtook ball.
- you know, Masha, dean me called... Without stopping,
Masha said: - in the reconnaissance with you it would not go, it
was ball. Good-bye, hero. - - And it is shrewd.
After raising the collar of its railroad overcoat, poyezhivayas'
from cold, is ball it were trampled down against the hostel, it cast
looks to the illuminated windows of the second floor and were not
solved to visit. Even through the closed frames reached to the
street merry noise of wedding.

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Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 13

It managed all in the same room of hostel.
The furniture was carry ouied on this case, and one common
holiday table was instead of it of the tables and ironing boards.
Katya together with the linen basket for this evening took to
itself komendantsha. The gramophone wheezed in entire power.
By the united efforts of masters and guests table was set by
plates with the cabbage, beet, turnip, which to those times passed
from the feeding troughs of animals to the tables of Muscovites.
Of people it crowded multitudinously. To whom place did
not be sufficient at the table, they sat on the window-sill, on the
plywood boxes, on folded by piles the books. - some, true,
garnishes, but from the belly! - shouted pilot Andrey, diluted
alcohol spilled on the circles and the containers. but - A where
Masha? What after wedding without the bride? - it dresses
in komendantshi. - 3, no, no, - said Sergey, reseating guests, -
so it will not go. What this zh will come out - medical school
from one side, and our children separately. But well, give,
give, reseat. Occurred the merry migration of the classmates of
Sergey - students -avtodorojnikov - to the medical students, and most
of all - to the medical students. - integration, integration! -
- shouted someone. - - Girls, here! Sequential plate
ended, and here exactly appeared Masha with two girl friends.
Instead of the old field shirt, the shielding short skirt and
the kirzovykh boots - plat'itse into the peas, the shoe on the high
heels and hair-do - the genuine barbershop hair-do: the bright
hair, packed by large waves. - brothers! - - shouted Vanya
pastukhov. - - You look, Masha, occurs, almost beauty! -
thanks, Vanya, after "almost". Evidently, in you the remainders
of conscience were preserved. They laughed, noisily they were
seated at the table. - for you, children; Masha, Tyuere is
no serezha... -, - he said Sergey, - for those, who did not return.
All rose, silently saw. Postoyali. - well, and now
after newly-weds! - it is sour! - it is sour! It is
sour! After embracing Masha, Sergey whispered at it to the ear:
- think, we are living... Wedding made noise, toasts
excitedly screamed out, attempted to sing, fell anecdotes. - yes
this that - kindergarten? - shouted before all the intoxicated
student on the nickname demure person. - - 4 to you now the
staggering anecdote I will describe. Where in you here vent?
They laughed. They wore out to the wedding of anyone who
passed along the stairs of hostel. - it is possible to you?
In the aperture of doors seemed the decane of the medical school
Of proskuryakov. - you? Masha with the surprise looked at
it. - You prostite, that without the invitation... - you go,
Mikhail Stepanovich. Its wife entered following the decane.
Both were loaded with rolls, heavy utility bags. - not
obessud'te, we here with a certain grub, so to say... this is wife -
Valentina Alekseyevna. It is simpler - Wahl. - become
acquainted, children, who not by sign. This our medinovskiy dean
Mikhail Stepanovich and his wife... - Wahl... Wahl, - said the
wife of decane, stretching to students chubby hand in the rings, -
simply Wahl... - again you prostite, that they broke without the
invitation... - - he said dean, - accept into the company. - A
you will excuse, which so is tight. You sit down yourselves, if
you please. Only here are products why?.. - well, these
are you, Serega, throw, - it seated Sergey in the place Of tolkunov. -
- Products exactly are very appropriate... 3... yes here and
fault and vodka... brothers, here and kolbaska and cheese - we live!
Well, comrade dean, this is very likable from your side.
But that here, honestly speaking, some garnishes alone,
garnishes, garnishes... - please to me toast, - it rose dean. -
it is quiet, children, give to listen to... - today with Masha it
occurred on by Komsomol'sk of bureau a kind of the collision.
Fundamental divergence, if you want... And nevertheless -
more accurate, those more - to me it was wanted to visit, to
congratulate it... Dean spoke smoothly as person, who frequently
appears and who accustomed to the fact that they attentively listen to
him. They looked strictly and wisely after the thick glass of
glasses in the black horny mounting of its eye, he said in the well
set low voice: -... surprising process occurs now in VUZ -
Institute of Higher Education: fresh wind broke into our
audiences. Instead of the boys and the girls from the school
desk, instead of the children, still who did not smell life, you
arrived, people, singed by war, that know about the life such, about
which another old wise man it does not suspect... I want to
express to you, comrades, my deep respect, especially to you.
Masha, and by such, as you, to girls, who passed by the roads of
war, by the roads of the blood and sufferings, - to our dear sisters.
Terrestrial to you bow. You prostite for a certain high
degree of pairing, but, pover'te, it from the overfilled heart.
The dean of villages in the place, and all noisily began
applauding. Demure person perhaps even more noisily than it was
required, beaters in ladoshi, highly raising hands and scanning:
- it is correct! It is correct! Fine person,
de-kA-not- cabbage soup! - for the toast of thanks, - said
Masha, being inclined through the table toward the decane, - but Vanya
pastukhova we will not return. You about the front line soldiers
know yet not all. - children, - it shouted someone of the
corridor, - they would give for the atmosphere music! - the
plates i have not of the first youth, - it were justified Tolkunov,
revolving the knob of gramophone.
Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 14

- nothing, turn give! Pilot Andrey it poured
to decane. - to it is cannot... - - zasheptala to Andrey after
the back of the husband of Wahl, the wife Of proskuryakova. -
nothing, the same diluted. - - Andrey lengthened his to circle.
- - Give, decane, let us touch glasses. You pushed a good
speech. Correct speech. Give. And in order to to the
bottom. They touched glasses, saw. - Br-rr... - -
Dean in a hurry had a snack and descended in the place. - -
M-da... - - he said, examining room, - was small zhilploshchad'.
Will have to raise a question... family- that promising...
Andrey began to laugh: - such promising that we here
celebrate wedding, and they already have Caterina eight months from to
kind. Zashipel gramophone. However, with the first chords
Masha and Sergey exchanged glances. The voice of the singer was
heard: The tired sun tenderly with the sea said goodbye...
Masha shut ears with hands. - only not this! - -
shouted Sergey. - - Remove, remove, if you please... - -
And itself rushed to the gramophone, stopped it. - it is
agreeable, it is not must music. To seven give let us sing...
Paley. Paley and pili. Wahl unsuccessfully it
attempted to hold the husband, when to it they poured alcohol into the
container. - comrades, if you please, you do not know, to him it
cannot be drunk... - remain, - said vexatious decane. It rapidly
grew tipsy. Yes-maces to students. Saws first with one,
then with others to brudershaft. It removed glasses, and its
face that is why unusually changed: eyes now seemed already
neither clever nor strict - these were the round, foolish and
frightful eyes of owl. General conversation was changed into
many quotients - on two, on three people they spoke, each group about
other, and everything merged into the inconceivable rumble. It
was necessary to perekrikivat' it. Some shouted about the sense
of life, others about the cards, the third explained, that there is
love... Someone proved, that it is clever than all, someone
carried bureaucrats and bureaucrats... Increasingly more
alarming it looked Wahl at the husband and intercepted the container,
when Proskuryakov stretched to it hand. Absorbed by conversation
with the sitting number, pilot Andrey, decane did not note the
maneuvers of wife... Dean became intoxicated - harder became
face, more evil than the eye, voice is sharper. Outwardly
intoxication in nothing more was expressed. But it no longer
stirred as before, first with one, then with another.
Conversation now went only with Andrey, only to it it were
turned Proskuryakov. -...obshchestvo is our, - he said it, - it
is divided now thus, by the red feature: on one side you, front
line soldiers, on another - we all, rest, the second type. 4 I
do not dispute - there were at the front exploits, of course, were.
But, if we are dismantled, you understand, to dig more deeply...
What such is front life? We did sit on the hungry
standard, in other places simply they did starve, and everything did
go where? To front, to front, to front... Gradually they
began to listen to Proskuryakovu. Other conversations
attenuated, and finally the decane proved to be in the center of
overall attention... It did not note this and it continued to
speak, being turned only to Andrey. -... certainly, the specific
risk to be injured or killed... But risk was far from always.
We know how lived officers... - Misha, - it pulled husband by
the sleeve wife, - Misha, to us home time, listen to, Misha. -
we know also about the captured chocolates and the French cognacs...
There was indeed this? It was. Give correctly.
Sergey sat, after turning to the side of decane, as if
napryazhenno expecting something. Masha, after turning pale,
took was its hand. But Sergey arose, went around table and
stopped next to The the proskuryakovym. The eyes of decane evil
gleamed, the nostrils of sharp nose were fanned, the teeth it is
predatory of posverkivali after the thin lips. -... But as
were heard rewards... - - he said Proskuryakov, - that zh we do not
know, to how much staff workers they poured combat orders?.. But
to girls also we know, for which they gave... not secret... The
wife of decane, vidya, that catastrophe not to avoid, lowered head.
-... What such is is one woman among hundreds of peasants?
Front, front, but physiology you will not abolish...
Indeed you will not abolish, correctly? - to arise!
- shouted Sergey, after gripping decane for the small piles, and
it raised it from the place. Without having understood that it
occurred, not protrezvev. Proskuryakov with the bewilderment was set
by turbid view on Sergey: - which happened?.. - that
happened, that "make it possible to you to leave there", as it is said
in Chekhov. Sergey and Andrey brought decane to the doors and
they derived on stairs area. Somebody the students attempted to
leave there, but Andrey tightly covered door, after saying: - it
is not must, children, we here have the conversation. Podayte
only its veshchichki... Sergey meanwhile lashed decane on the
physiognomy - once, other and the third. - you will answer!
- by the unexpectedly high, female voice of vzvizgnul Of
proskuryakov. - let us answer, let us answer - - he said Andrey.
Someone pushed through into the door dekanovu sheath and cap,
after whispering: - children, it can, podsobit'? - do not
be disturbed, let us manage, - Andrey answered and was again shut
door. Continuing as before to hold decane by left hand for the
small piles, Sergey presented to its nose the large bony kulak:
- remember, filth, slush average man's, if again you laugh to
say word "front line soldier" by your unclean mouth, I learn and will
kill, remember, bastard, you will not hide, I will find...
Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 15

The hand with the piece of the sausage pushed
through in the door: - from its sausage here it remained.
Together with Andrey Sergey it brought together decane it
downward and opened door. - release...; - pleading said Andrey
and, after moving aside Sergey, it yielded to decane so that that
departed to the street directly into the snowdrift. Sergey threw
to it sheath, cap and slammed shut door. Andrey selected from
the floor sausage, opened door and also threw after. Mitya is
ball, it was only gathered to depart from its post, he saw, as someone
departed from the door of hostel and flapped into the snowdrift.
After approaching nearer and after learning decane, Mitya
rasteryanno said: - Mikhail Stepanovich... that zh you left so
early... It cried sobbing Wahl, wife was deca-new, and she
muttered through the tears: - shame... Shame of what...
God is my, what horror... to go necessary... - yes you plyun'te
to it, you sit down yourselves to the table... Everything was
calmed, students were seated in their places. Sergey whispered,
after smiling, to Masha: - it seems, I fixed your relations with
the decane. - Perezhivu somehow, - answered Masha and kissed it.
The overall mood, however, was damaged. All kept silent.
- features, badly nevertheless it came out. Decane after
all... - - it said demure person, - scoundrel, of course, but dean...
- yes, perhaps, scandal not to avoid... Nothing, however, it
occurred. Rovno nothing. No one no one anywhere caused, no
one not about which they asked - as if nothing it happened.
Dean, it were held as if nothing were the matter. Normally
it greeted the students, including Masha. Efficient it answered
the matters of business, in a word, fulfilled its responsibilities so,
as if never not and it was on what wedding. And it was silent,
when the general Komsomol meeting did not affirm the resolution of
bureau about the exception Of pastukhova, after limiting to
pronunciation with the warning. Winter into that yr stood fierce
and was pulled infinitely. It was coldly in the audiences, cold,
in the hostel. Komendantsha Of kotenochkina took away to itself
each morning Katya, was conveyed, fed, it handled it as for the
native, but in this case, after visiting after the child, every time
with some variations it were expressed approximately so: -
freaks, clean freaks... and who only gave to you the rights of
children to rozhat'?.. In themselves in the pocket louse on the
lasso, and there - family, the children produce... And no in
order child to rostit', - where there... "we scientists, we book
read, we in tetradochki write, we on the institutes run"...
Humdrum we run, we run, and to dite Of kotenochkina of pelenay,
Kotenochkina see, Kotenochkina by kormi... Kotenochkina do all
the washing... When komendantsha remained in private with the
child, it gave the will of its love, endlessly kissed Katya, giving to
it affectionate nicknames. Badly was formed the life of this
woman - without the love, without the children, and entire good, which
was accumulated, which required sincere output, - everything turned to
the strange child, that it became it native and thus it needed it, so
joyfully it answered to its kindness. It was worthwhile cat to
see Kotenochkinu or to only hear its voice, as round Katina the muzzle
spread in the smile. As soon as terrible komendantsha took child
to the hands. Katya was sufficient it for the nose or for the
lip even toothless it laughed, on no account without agreeing to let
go. And these hours were the happiness, tempered By
kotenochkinoy. Masha by female scent guessed all this and tried
not to catch, not to offend its feeling. Komendantsha brought
oil stove and ordered Masha to place her with the tightened, barely
burning wicks under the linen basket, in which Katya slept, since cold
in the room stood that terrifying. Once at night Masha awoke
because the little mouse was taken away under the blanket to it.
Masha did not frighten, not ' she felt either aversions or
fastidiousnesses. It simply shook out it and more densely it
were covered into the cloth blanket, after tucking in edge from all
sides under itself. However, after a certain time little mouse
again proved to be under the blanket and measurement, after being
forced against Mashinomu thigh. From cold, that whether, it did
escape itself? Masha slept dressed, under the cloth blanket, and
that in no way I could be warmed. On the whole, the little mouse
remained and each night it began to take away to Masha under the
blanket, and it disappeared in the morning. Sergey laughed and
left in the angle first of crumb, then the crust of bread. So
their family increased by one mouse it occurred because of cold, that
komendantsha Of kotenochkina, all so roughly reporting Masha and
Sergey, brought to them first of soup in the saucepan, then several
potatos. Cannot be thanked it was. However, with the first
attempt it so cut off them, that are more never they by it and nothing
they said, silently assuming precious gifts. Vozvratyas' once
home, Masha saw on the window-sill the small smoky saucepan. It
glanced - apparently, soup. It it was a little - approximately
one plate. Although was hungry Masha, she were not touched, left
soup to Sergey. - A this that? - - it asked, uvidya on the
table the saucepan, near which lay the spoon and the piece of bread.
- Kotenochkina of soup brought, I heated. - A you- that
did eat? - certainly. Rovno half. You eat, Serezha.
Katya goes for a walk, soon he will appear. It sat against
Sergey and it began to look, as it eats.

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Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 16

Sergey ate, collecting by spoon directly from the
saucepan, and it had a snack by bread. Masha always loved to
look, as he eats. This time there was the moment, when it seemed
Masha that in the eyes of Sergey flickered strange - not the surprise,
not the another something. - it does not please itself? - -
it asked. - of course not. It is very healthy.
Fine person of komendantsha. When Sergey was straightened
with the soup, arrived Kotenochkina with the child. In the free
hand it held the plate, on which lay four potatoes. Vorcha, as
always, it flung plate to the table and thrust child into the basket.
- it is interesting that b you did make, if not Kotenochkina?
How much I will with your ditem nyan'kat'sya? They brought
mode to discard child to me... Intelligentsia... But where
saucepan? 4 in it potato it cooked in the uniforms yes dirty
water left. Masha and Sergey exchanged glances. - here
your saucepan, said Sergey, 4 it it washed out... And, hardly
after waiting for withdrawal komendantshi, they rushed, laughing loud,
to each other. In the institute in Masha the serious problem
arose: it could not become accustomed to the dissection room.
It would seem, after entire experience, after thousands of
injured, after countless deaths - that by it these naformalinennye,
prepared corpses, which by all are received simply as material for the
work... But it was worthwhile to enter into the dissection room,
Masha became bad from the specific smell, which stood here always.
It forced itself to approach the dissection room table, but it
now went away. What only Masha did not make on the councils of
byvalykh students - she tried to smoke, swallowed some tablets,
nothing it helped. To other girls neither smell nor form of the
corpses prepared for the work were produced exactly any impression.
They stirred, turned in the interruptions of occupations small
packets with the food, they chewed their sandwiches here, after
squatting to the zinc-coated table, next to the half prepared corpse.
Once, after throwing out dressing gown and after leaving in the
desperation the dissection room, Masha sat down on the step of granite
stairs. Nausea gradually passed. But what to make?
To really throw medical because of this stupid reaction?..
- daughter, and daughter... - - it heard hoarse voice.
Next stood old man - that that he issued corpses for the
occupations to students, taking out winders with iron hook of the
refrigerator. Old man was some entire twitching itself - first
will twitch itself it arm, first it vertanet by head, then in motion
one foot will visit another. It smoked continuously, displacing
the thick joinings of low-grade tobacco. Another time, podnosya
joining to the mouth, it like will be missed, it will poke earlier
into the cheek or into the chin, and it will already then only grip by
lips. The there is no time grey, and now rusty- yellow
smoke-filled whiskers also from time to time in it twitched
themselves. As they called old man properly, no one knew, but
nickname in it was Periformis. This was name of one of the
muscles, and the students of old still collections for some reason
baptized by them strange old man. And despite the fact that the
word was foreign, and old man very Russian, name approached it.
They were turned to the old man: "the grand-dad Of
periformis, give out to us pokoynichka number seven". And old
man, smoking makhroy, took out with hook the seventh corpse of the
refrigerator. Periformis sat next to Masha and asked: - so
that you, daughter, at the front was? - it was, grand-dad.
- well and however, what - terrible to you was? -
certainly, it is terrible. - I I think, who khrabritsya - it is
said, nothing it feared, it will lie or war did not completely smell.
Masha glanced at the old man. It sat, holding in the
turned yellow fingers home-made cigarette. Under the opened
dressing gown was visible old coat with the unskillful darnings in it
was boundary pockets. Shrilly pitifully suddenly became Masha
this person. - grand-dad, - it asked, - and who in you... family
in you is what?.. Grandfather answered not immediately. It
sat, it hushed, tightened itself and let out smoke it then looked
askance to Masha. - to me this question were not assigned years
perhaps thirty, but that more, perhaps, it is much more. Long
ago no those, this concerned whom. Periformis and Periformis...
Not that which family, daughter, not united living soul remained
from those that they lived with me in at one time. Indeed lives
man, somehow "feeling around himself its generation. It loves
someone, it does not love someone. Some he knows, others know
it. This some, well, the united association, if you want...
And something does occur with you, you did complete something -
you involuntarily make correction for people, you are fitted to the
people, to their opinion, you compare yourself with them and them with
yourself... and that they about you think... Old man said in the
completely intelligent language, which were not being tallied somehow
with his extrinsic ethos. He told faster himself, than to Masha.
-... Will happen in you good - and it is necessary that
the friends would be glad, enemies envied... Or it...
Well, that she, that threw me, now thinks?.. It can be,
and not literally such thoughts, but all this be in subconsciousness,
in the atmosphere of your life... 4 itself did not suspect then, as is
necessary this environment, they... And here comes the time,
when it remained no one and nothing from your life... No one...
Void... And you live among the people present strange for
you and among the spectres of those, whom he knew. They remained
only in your memory, remained only in your sleeps... You will
awake, or you will realize - all around young people, by which to you,
naturally, exactly there is no matter...
Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 17

Periformis... Old man became silent, and
Masha asked: - grand-dad, and whom you were earlier? - by
the professor of theology it was you do know what is theology is?
Science about the god. Course read in Petersburg.
Then by officer there was I white officer was they shot me red
for the fact that 4 white, and white for the fact that red.
However, it is living it remained, as you see... It was
for long in Siberia... in the different quality... Family?
There was family and parental, and my, her own my family...
And there are many friends and very many familiar...
Everything there... - well, and why?.. - 4 itself for
itself selected this work. So to me more easily... Yes,
entirely he forgot, why I left and that he wanted to you to say,
girl... Take - here in the box dry grass. Chew its and
every time before the entrance into anatomku chew. Any
faintness, any nausea not it will be. I guarantee. But and
grass will not be required in the month - you will become accustomed.
The piece checked. Well, I will go... From that day
ended the machines of torture - grass! Actually, it proved to be
magic means. When you chew some its, sharp smell, similar to the
mint, appears in the mouth, and only this smell yes the taste of mint
you feel in the flow of several it is hour. And another
sensation of ease in the tele- appears, and the clarity of thoughts
striking - such that there was grass. Greatly it was desirable
Masha by something to otblagodarit' grandfather, yes than?..
Many times wanted to approach simply so, to say anything good,
but feared to be obtrusive: old man clever, thin, will
understand that he feels sorry him, it will offend, and that will be
angered. So it did not approach... She thought to call
home, to introduce to The the serezhey, Kat'ku to show... Yes it
is somehow strange... However, it can be, on humanity completely
and it would not be strangely?.. As frequently we do not
understand, that it cannot be awaited, it is necessary to make good
immediately, as soon as a sincere feeling will flicker. But
grandfather soon passed away, they learned, about this not immediately
- there was the interruption of occupations in the dissection room,
but when they arrived, they began to call: The "grand-dad Of
periformis!" - - instead of the grandfather left young fellow,
new servant. They learned - was ill grandfather one and one
died. One!.. Forever, to entire life remained this scar on
The mashinom heart. As it could nevertheless not approach even,
not to say to it nothing - indeed by it by one it was opened, one it
believed, that he will understand... Grand-dad Of periformis...
Shrilly lonely grandfather... YR 1977. On 9 MAY
Andrey easily crossed the street before the moved machines and stopped
in the entrance of high house, comparing his number with the address
recorded on the leaf of paper. Street was filled by people, air
balls hurry abouied downwind. Dissonantly Paley are song.
But the usual motion of machines and buses towards flowed on the
bridge. The number of house proved to be accurate, and Andrey
entered into the entrance.' The gray, excellently cross-linked
suit emphasized sportivnost', muskulistost' of figure. Andrey
did not begin to wait until elevator and he ran up along the stairs.
As it rose, discordant noise was strengthened, it went from the
area of the third floor. Here was created something
inconceivable: of door of both apartments, located against each
other, were wide thrown open, woman, the children, men, who filled
both apartments, then the matter they passed of one to another,
someone called child, someone progonyal dog, someone transferred
trunks. Some girls chased, laughing loud, after each other.
Two likable dogs without pedigree were twirled under the feet in
people, rarely snapping at the cats - them it was here also several
pieces; Andrey stopped in a certain bewilderment, again was
compared with the paper and the number, designated on one of the
apartments. High girl: years of twelve, that crossed over
the area, noted two stars of hero on the lapel of gray coat, it
glanced at Andrey and stopped. - Prostite - it were turned to it
Andrey - the eighth apartment... - A you Andrey? - she answered
by a question. - Andrey... From where you do know? -
only on the card in you one star... - A you who? - 4 Anya.
- please, whose you are daughter? - my mom they call
Katya. - God is my! God is my... Katya... 4 her the
last time saw spelenutoy in the linen basket. Anya began to
laugh: - well, mom since then a little grew up. - from the
mind to descend! But Sergey, Masha - here they? -
certainly. Grandfather of house, mandrel in the hospital on the
duty. Yes you do go... - Anya, and which here does occur?
You have guests? Anya again began to laugh. - this
all our. Simply they met on Day of Victory. there are very
many us. But today all will arrive to one. Even Volodya
will arrive flying with the children from America... Let's go.
4 you to the grandfather I will conduct. Anya took Andrey
as the hand and povela after itself. In the rooms it was more
noisily than on the stairs: here still crashed by marches the
switch oned television set. Tables everywhere were established
and were covered. The ringing of dishes reached from the
kitchen. Anya conducted Andrey according to the corridor.
Two adolescents unsuccessfully knocked into the door of tank and
shouted excitedly into two voices: - Yul'ka! What you were
shut? Us mother ordered under the shower to be washed!..
Yul'ka!.. On the kitchen Sergey, sitting at the table,
helms from the spoon of year old lad, well, well, he said, entering
Andrey, to what you were multiplied!..
Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 18

- Andryushka! - yelled Sergey. He
transmitted ane of lad and rushed to Andrey. Silently postoyali
they, after undertaking arms and scrutinizing each other. Grey,
large, strong. And this embrace thus far lasted, in the kitchen
its life went on - someone ran, someone ran out, who stirred slowly
the mannuyu porridge in the saucepan, who placed teapot on the plate,
who took away in Ani of child and took away his, someone someone
called. To the old men simply was not turned the attention, them
they did not note. "old men" appeared young, and only gray hair
issued their age. - let us go, - he said finally Sergey, - here
you will not have a talk. They passed to the balcony. but
- how much we were not seen? - the last time this was on your
wedding in forty sixth. - where you disappeared? - -
Sergey asked, - I searched for you, but nowhere anything it
could learn. Andrey smiled. - yes even 4 could not be
connected with you. Far I was. And here: it only
returned - immediately to you. He did not know even, it was
living. But you, occurs, there what animated cartoon he
ventured... But how in you? - five. Yes in elders
its families - here and is obtained this crowd. Listen to, it
seems me, in you some accent appeared. - yes 4, if you want to
know, I be surprised that generally Russian speech he did not
forget... Accent... I think - accent... ' - I congratulate you,
by the way, with the second asterisk. - yesterday only they
entrusted. Not yet washed. - here today let us wash.
- say although how you are occupied. Where you, that you?
- the director of taxi park... to the day-before-yesterday day.
- i.e.? - i.e., the day before yesterday they removed.
Here is it life - coma star, whom under the back. Of
course not, I joke... What they removed - nonsense. It is
simple the stage of fight. 4 there large fight it ventured.
I will describe then, if it is interesting. - still!
But Masha? How Masha? - Masha - fine person. -
she that - doctor did become? - yes. I could make a
scientific career. They left it in the department of
physiology... Yes here is - life, children... She became
series children's doctor. In the hospital it works also on
polstavki in the polyclinic. Pediatrician. Yes you it will
see. It must now arrive... - hurray! - - it yelled, after
running out to the balcony, and it were bent through the rails Of
anya. - - "Americans" arrived! Grandfather, see - there
they drive up... It waved by hand emerging from the machine.
- Volodya!.. - shouted Anya downward, from the height of
the third floor. - it is healthy! Wig to me it brought?
Sevka, Sevka! Hurray! The arrived "Americans" also
of makhali by hands and something shouted ane as the answer.
Taxi driver helped to unload machine. Then they all -
Vladimir, his wife even two twins Savva and Showa - entered into the
entrance. - it that, diplomat - Volodya? - diplomat.
Contemporary small. Practical. Here leave drove on
to the holiday - this is good... Go- kA let us meet them.
- I as soon as you here were placed?.. - neighbors to
Leningrad rolled, left their apartment... Into front entered
loaded with trunks and bags the "Americans". After entering into
the rooms, they kissed with the entire noisy crowd of relations.
- how do you do, father! - approached Volodya Sergey.
- it is healthy, it is healthy, - it were greeted with it for
the hand Sergey, - become acquainted. with Andrey. -
Vladimir, - was represented diplomat. Its wife approached -
Sergey kissed also with the children also with it. It presented
all to Andrey. - well as, Nina, - it asked it daughter-in-law, -
it did not tire to you also, not zanudil?.. - nothing, - it
smiled it, - you me underestimate. 4 perhaps from it man I will
make. Sergey to Andrey the lanky fellow in jeans wiped to the
whiteness on the elbows. - here this will not bring. - A
how it is occupied? - oil-industry worker. It arrived
flying from Tyumen'. They dispatch on the apartment, and along
the way Sergey acquainted Andrey with the members of family - adult
and small. - A here this that Katya herself... - Sergey said.
Katya attempted by knife to open bolt in the door of tank room.
- give to again become acquainted, - lengthened by it hand
Andrey. Katya udivlenno glanced at it. - for the first
time you lay at the linen basket...; legendary Andrey... - - began to
laugh Katya. - A that these are you?.. Give help. It
took in Katya knife and easily opened door. Katya entered tank.
There sat before the mirror red Yul'ka and, weeping, it rubbed
its freckles by elastic. They did not yield. Them there
was much - scattering on to nose, scattering on the thick cheeks, on
the forehead. - again! - vozmushchenno said Katya and she
selected elastic. - how often to you are said... - mummy, - it
sobbed Yul'ka, - 4 marry I will not leave... - in my opinion -
interfered Andrey, who stood in the doors, - you nevertheless already
missed time. All tables were set by hors d oeuvres, tasty smells
rushed from the kitchen. Guests wandered from room to room,
continually catching by fork sprat or piece of cheese. - father
perhaps to run off after the mom?.. - Katya in earnest was
disturbed: holiday dinner perished. - it is agreeable, 4
itself I descend. Andrey, let us move together? Hospital
here not far... - Mary Ivanovna in the insulator, - it answered Sergey
nurse, - the boy is heavy very... They will in no way derive
it... There and head physician and zavotdeleniyem... You
wait, if you please... You will sit...
Coupler Aleksey:: two of twenty million/p. 19

Friends sat at the window in the corridor.
They smoked. - well, however, so that in you nevertheless
fell with your taxi drivers? - - Andrey asked. - as to you
to say... I attempt to establish order in them. - not more
not less? - yes, visualize. indeed nothing it is done
without the "paw". To reach detail - "paw". To wash
machine - "paw". Mechanics - "paw". To watchman - "paw".
Not to step without the "paw". Universal lubricant.
But how and to chauffeur not to take "paw" from the passenger?
How it will stop up all these holes? Here 4 caused fire to
itself. They caviled, of course, not to this. However,
fight only burns. Me, of course, they will restore, and let us
begin first... You my matters do seem, probably formic?
but - why? To establish order - the matter serious.
- people are decomposed - this is what is terrible, good
children become barygami. Well, and you, you as? - on the
whole, also not all is smooth. Of calm life, apparently, it is
not. If you want to be man. And nevertheless, Serezha,
life are excellent. I do envy very to you, to your family... - A
you is married? - It was Twice. Yes here it was not
formed... It is correct, 4 it is not fitted out for the family
life... Or to me simply such Masha was not encountered...
Sergey glanced at the hours: - six. They there,
probably, die from the hunger... - I was turned to the passed nurse:
- did not leave already Mary Ivanovna? - no, they
transported child into the operating room. And it there.
It did not move away from the morning from it. - we will
await? - asked Sergey. - we will await. In the
corridor near the operating room the mother of sick boy stood.
She tried to be calm, but on how first she compressed hands,
then it started to walk and again it ran up to the matte-white glass
door, it was possible to understand its anxiety, desperation.
Passed in preoperation young doctor, and mother it attempted to
glance there. Nurse left. Mother - to it. - thus far
everything so... - said that and passed by. The doctors stood
around the operating table. Masha in the gauze mask with the
fear looked at the illuminated corpuscle of boy on the operating
table. - group? - asked surgeon. - the first...
And here already evening came. Lamps on the streets lit
up. Sergey with Andrey they walked about before the hospital.
Left nurse in the raincoat with the bag - apparently, her change
ended. - everything you do await? I said Mary ivanovne.
- A child? - even in the operating room. And it is
shrewd. ... here finally was opened door, and doctors began to
leave into the corridor. Mother rushed to Masha. -
everything is good, - got tired it smiled it, and mother, after
bursting into tears, embraced it. - well, it is agreeable,
agreeably, - ironed its Masha on the head as child, - everything good,
Yurochka will live, will be healthy... Woman, sobbing, calmed
down. Masha seated it to the white bench and went further.
One outside others fell from the hospital doctors and the nurse.
Here already no one, apparently, it remained. In the
vestibule tyuere shere pogas light, but Masha everything not.
Sergey alarming exchanged glances with Andrey, and they entered
into the hospital. In the half-darkness of vestibule.
Masha sat on the bench. Raincoat was put on only to one
hand. Another visela along the body. Masha slept, after
leaning on the wall. Friends carefully took it under the hands,
they raised. - let us go home, Mashenka, - he said Sergey, - let
us go, native..., Masha with difficulty opened eyes. It
looked to Sergey, to Andrey. Immediately she did not understand,
who this, but after learning, said udivlenno: - Andryusha?..
Really?.. - 4, 4, Mashenka. By its own persona.
Specially it arrived in order to wake you and to deliver home...
Houses met Masha with the cries of enthusiasm. And in
these cries there was, probably as much happiness apropos of its
arrival, as happiness, that it is possible finally to be sat down to
have dinner. Were seated noisily, children pell-mell with the
adult. Masha sat in the chapter of table. The large thrown
open wide window grew dark after it. - to pour glasses! -
was commanded Sergey. Vodka fault filled adult, red fruit juice
from the jug - to children. - expensive my... - - began Sergey,
holding the wineglass of vodka. But continuing toast he was not
succeeded in... - A grandmother it fell asleep! - - declared red
Yul'ka. Sergey glanced at Masha. She actually strongly
slept, after dropping head to the back of armchair. Sergey
smiled and applied finger to the lips: "T-with- with..."
And suddenly in the window, after the machine by back, were
raised into sky thousands of stars. One after others sparkled
and were scattered after the machine by back holiday fireworks.
Salute in the honor of great victory thundered. Masha
slept. Entire her large family sat at the table. They
flared up after the window of the floscule of holiday fires. But
here everything froze and remained fixed: povisli, without being
scattered, the fires of firework, thickened sitting at the table...
AGAIN SUMMER 1942- GO German machine gunner with the
consternation looked at the girl in the old field shirt, in green
there is no time yubchonke, in the kirzovykh boots, to khudyushchuyu -
shadow of man - girl, that it left the cleft of stone quarries to
bright, dazzling daylight. Girl held in the hand bucket.
It was evidently in the sighting notch: it zazhmurilas',
it leaned on the wall and coughed. For long it coughed, spitting
out to the earth black saliva. The fight of debt and pity could
be guessed in boyish face of German soldier. Finger lay on the
trigger button of machine gun, but soldier did not shoot. Here
desperate girl was detached away from the cliff, repaired belt on the
field shirt, she glanced at the sky and moved forward, to the well.
The stem of machine gun persistently followed it. It was
evidently through the sighting notch, as Masha it approached the well,
going around those killed, as it were inclined for a moment above the
hero, that it lay with the open eyes, filled with rain water.
From the cleft of cliff the people napryazhenno followed each
Mashinym step. It here lowered bucket into the well and it
selected rope. Complete of transparent water bucket became to
the felling of well, and Masha fell down to the water. She is
saw, stopping in order to inhale air, and again saw. German
followed it. Followed the eyes of people because of the cliff -
the eye of those dying from the thirst. After getting drunk
finally, Masha again lowered and raised bucket from the well. It
was by again complete to boundary. German saw, as girl it
repaired belt on the field shirt, took bucket and it leisurely went
conversely to the entrance into the stone quarry. The stem of
machine gun followed it step by step. Masha Went. In the
great stress they looked. and its people in the cave awaited.
It seemed already whole eternity goes Masha to the cleft.
The finger of German on the trigger button of machine gun
trembled. And to that side, where it lay, to the side of enemy,
who does not shoot into it, shchadyashchego it, Masha glanced and she
smiled before to be hidden behind the cliff. But here German
harvested to the trigger button. The short burst rattled.
And through the sight it became evident, as girl falls, after
dropping bucket. The cries of horror were heard from the cleft.
German wiped by side-cap the sweated forehead and gave one
additional turn for the faithfulness. Turn on the corpse, on the
sheet metal bucket. Masha lay next to that killed soldier, in
whose open eyes stood the puddles of rain water. Brook flowed by
the machine of the blood on the earth and was connected with the brook
of water, which escaped from the shot bucket. Soyedinyas',
flowed they further together - the blood and water. They killed
To Masha Kovalev. Suffocated by German gas, died, in the flour
Sergey. Not they were, did not take place these two lives, as
did not take place lives of thousands of prisoners Adzhimushkaya, as
they were ragged, did not take place twenty million lives of Soviet
people... Twenty four miraculously surviving, living
adzhimushkaytsa with the colors in the hands dispatch to the entrance
into the underground museum of glory, to the grave of its comrades.
They went down on wooden gangway in the cave and approached the
plates of common grave. Flowers assumed and they began to turn
off their lamps in order in the darkness silently to honor the memory
of the killed heroes. One after another gasli miner lamps, and
one after others disappeared in the haze of face of heroes.
Pogasla last lamp, began the darkness. In the darkness and
the silence was heard only weak sound somewhere, that was filtered,
now already no one not of necessary water.

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Post by Kim Sung » 14 Sep 2005 15:04

Isn't there any movie about this heroic and tragic resistance so far? If any filmmaker makes a movie on the Adzhimushkay quarry, it'll be a mega-hit!!! It was a real human drama!

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Post by Eugene (J. Baker) » 14 Sep 2005 15:07

killchola wrote:Isn't there any movie about this heroic and tragic resistance so far? If any filmmaker makes a movie on the Adzhimushkay quarry, it'll be a mega-hit!!! It was a real human drama!
I doubt it is interesting for people now

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Post by Dmitry » 14 Sep 2005 15:25

I recall that I had seen a movie about this in my childhood.

Ñîøåäøèå ñ íåáåñ.

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Dmitry wrote:I recall that I had seen a movie about this in my childhood.

Ñîøåäøèå ñ íåáåñ.
Thank you~!

http://www.kinfo.ru/Films/Film/Soshedsh ... _1986.html

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Post by gewehrdork » 15 Sep 2005 01:37

Kunikov wrote:
gewehrdork wrote:This is news to me too. Is it possible this is a case of post war soviet revisionist propaganda ?.
'soviet revisionist propaganda'? Exactly what in the history of WWII is 'soviet revisionist propaganda'?

Kunikov , do you mean to say you are not aware of how the comminust/soviet and stalin machine distorted alot of history and facts to make the whole soviet "thing" seem so grand and spectacular. Just like the nazi's did under Adoplh's thankfully short tenure.
I would love to read details on this event if there is any substance to it , as I have never heard of it , so it would be excellent reading. If it is legit I just hope the event's history has not been tainted with socialist utopian propaganda. Is that too hard to grasp that such propaganda whitewashes do and have happened from the former communist bloc ?.

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