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Re: Crusader OOB

Post by vaggelis » 14 May 2019 14:38

I'd like to know in which way the 3 different type of tanks (Pz II, III & IV) allocated to a panzer battalion. I read that typically there were a light company (PzII), a medium (PzIII) and a heavy (PzIV). Is that correct for the specific order of battle of the german tank battalions for the operation Crusader?
Additionally I have the same question about the composition of the companies of 3rd and 33rd recon battalions.

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Re: Crusader OOB

Post by yantaylor » 18 May 2019 12:56

I am sure that there was only two types of company, one having Pz IIIs [light] and the other having Pz IVs [medium], the Pz IIs were found in both of these companies.
On paper you would have two light companies to one medium company.


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