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Index of threads - please read

Post by Jon G. » 28 May 2006 15:15

North Africa

1. Early war

Italian plan to block the Suez Canal in early 1940

Link to article about Operation Compass

Battle of Nezuet Ghirba 1940

Italian cruiser San Giorgio

Operation Sonnenblume

2. From Rommel's first offensive to El Alamein

First assault on Tobruk


Operation Midsummer Night's Dream

Operation Bigamy

The Gazala battles

Bir Hacheim ... 72&start=0

Minqar Qaim

Ruweisat Ridge OOB 1942

Operation Caballo, Aug.-Sept. 1942

El Alamein ... 86&start=0 ... 73&start=0

3. French North Africa and Torch

Vichy French navy

Vichy navy at Oran

Map question

German occupation of Tunisia

Jewish minority in Marocco

Operation Mincemeat

Djebel Srafi

Where did the Germans fail at Operation Torch?

Fallschirmjäger in Tunisia

Young Fascists in Tunisia

Torch tank combat

Torch air combat ... 13&start=0

B-24s used during Torch?

Col. Drake's orders at Kasserine?

DAK evacuation?

Incident near Sfax, March 28 1943

4. North African OOBs/unit histories

DAK/Axis ... 55&start=0

Foreign Legion

Battle of Tobruk OOBs ... 67&start=0

Gazala OOB

Alem Halfa OOB

Centauro artillery

17/21 Lancers

The Australian 7th Division

5. Strategy, logistics & casualties

Was the goal Persia?

RAF losses 1942 North Africa

Italian war priorities in the Mediterranean ... 08&start=0

Replacement Panzers for the DAK

Total German losses in North Africa

Takoradi air route

Why North Africa? ... 63&start=0

Allied casualties in North Africa 1941-1943 ... 71&start=0

Using the Nile for transport

North African railroads ... 35&start=0

Axis shipping in the Mediterranean ... 16&start=0

Allied naval vessels transporting troops

Importance of Mediterranean theater?

DAK transport

Rommel & Montgomery ... 73&start=0

6. North African miscellanea

General Toppe's North African campaign narrative

Afrika Korps Sergeant

Battlefield debris in North Africa

'Black Code'

Name of the African theater?

The story of Jasper Maskelyne ... 47&start=0

Tobruk photos

POW camps in the Middle East

War graves in Africa


German commandos

Deep desert patrols

Was the North African campaign the cleanest? ... 68&start=0

Newsreels from North Africa

SAAF pilot details sought

Woman aboard RAF plane?

Africa south of the Sahara and Madagascar

Germans in Eritrea

Nazis in former German colonies

Operation Menace


Equatorial Africa


War in the Red Sea

Japanese supply ship to East Africa?


Operation Chronometer

Belgian Congo


Ethiopia/Abyssinia religion and Archeaology

South African and Rhodesian troops

South African Ju-86s in East Africa

Operation Ironclad

Eastern Mediterranean

1. Mainland Greece

French plans for intervention in Greece?

Greek Campaign 1941 ... 49&start=0 ... 77&start=0 ... 34&start=0

Greek air force 1941

Germans using poison gas in Greece?

Metaxas Line

Greco-Italian war

Planned Italian attack on Corfu

Metaxas government

Axis espionage in Greece 1945

ELAS and the Germans

Photos from Greece

Sinking of former US battleship at Salamis ... 52&start=0

The Gorgopotamos operation

Air war in the eastern Mediterranean

2. Crete and the Aegean

Operation Mercury

Ultra messages sent to Crete before the battle

Gebirgsjäger in Crete

Photos from Crete

Crete veterans and photos

Sacrifice of the 1st Welch at Crete

Crete after the invasion

Italian garrisoned islands in the Aegean

Crete 1943

Invasion of Leros ... 77&start=0

Picture request - invasion of Leros

Prisoners from Samos


Kos airfield picture request

Ships at Korfu September 1943?

3. Turkey, Cyprus, the Levant, Persia and the Arabic Peninsula

Invasion of Cyprus

Did the Axis attack Cyprus?


Axis in Syria 1941

Turkish plan to invade Syria?

'Vorwaerts nach Palestina'

French OOB Syria 1941

War in the Levant (also covers Aegean)

Strange British attack on Turkish town

Saudi Arabia

Invasion of Iran 1941

Yugoslavia and Albania

Yugoslavia in WW2 ... 49&start=0

Macedonian POWs

April War 1941 ... 49&start=0

WW2 in Slovenia ... 83&start=0

War cemetaries in Slovenia

German occupation of Yugoslavia

Fortress Rijeka


Armor in Balkans April 1941 ... 35&start=0

Royal Yugoslavian air force

Operation Halyard

Liberation of Kosovo ... 33&start=0

Albanian navy

Anti-partisan operations in Croatia

Mustard gas used in Yugoslavia?

Battle of Permet, Albania 1943

Italy and the central Mediterranean

1. Malta

Germans in Malta ... 49&start=0

Operation C3/Herkules

Fallshirmjäger availability for Malta invasion ... 83&start=0

Malta garrison 1942 ... 03&start=0

Air/sea engagement near Malta 1942

Why didn't the Germans invade Malta? ... 39&start=0

How important was Malta? ... 36&start=0

2. Sicily

RN bombardment of Genoa

Invasion of Sicily ... 08&start=0

Axis OOB Sicily and southern Italy 1943

Sicily evacuation - why did the Allies fail to stop it? ... 56&start=0

Santa Maria 1943

Mount Etna

Why did the Allies choose Sicily over Sardninia? ... 23&start=0

3. Mainland Italy and Sardinia

Initial Italian losses 1940

Punta Stilo 1940

The attack at Taranto 1940

First British airborne operation, Feb. 1941

Date of Operation Achse plan?

Strength of German garrison on Sardinia?

The forgotten front

Salerno dive

Salerno no big deal?

Panzers at Salerno

Termoli, October 1943

Civilian casualties at Potenza?

Mt. Vesuvius eruption 1944

Total number of troops fighting in Italy

Forces in Italy 1943-1945

Who was the Italian Theatre 43-45 a greater drain on? ... 26&start=0

Italian Campaign mishandled?

36 Infantry Division at the Rapido

Monte Cassino ... 50&start=0 ... 88&start=0

The Hermann Göring Division in Italy

The Gothic Line/Polish 2nd Corps

ID of Flak unit, Gothic Line late 1944

ID of German units at San Giovanni, Sept. 1944

Italian gunboat G. Biglieri

Battles north of Rome


Crossing the Po

8th Army in the Po Valley 1945

Christmas on the Italian front

Italian submarines

ID of 8th Hussars tank crewman, Besanigo Ride incident

Italian co-belligerent air force

Mediterranean Allied air forces

MAAF 1944

RAF 46th Squadron request

Mediterranean Allied coastal air forces

LSTs used as aircraft carriers

Gibraltar and Spain

Operation Felix

Gibraltar defenses 1/1941

Why was Gibraltar never taken? ... 14&start=0

POW exchange in Barcelona?

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Excellent work Jon!

A really useful tool.

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Great work ! The main drawback of a forum such as this one is finding the relevant thread. This helps a lot, thank you very much.

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