Tobruk 1942 - article

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Tobruk 1942 - article

Post by Andreas » 15 Jan 2008 13:43

On the website of the Royal Worscestershire Rgt. - their 1st Battalion (part of 29th Indian Brigade) got caught up in the mid-1942 performance of the Gazala Gallop, and was destroyed in Tobruk: ... c/h_tobruk

Interesting read.

Does anyone have more info about their activity as part of Oasis Force under Reid in late 41/early 42?

All the best


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Post by 13emeDBLE » 18 Jan 2008 11:00

Thank you very much for this link..

The Oasis Force had an evident impact on the strategical thoughts of Axis commanders at the end of Sidi Rezegh battles (the threat against Gialo was one of the main reasons for the retreat of december 41).

But after the retreat Oasis Force can't pursue its advance, and had to retreat to East.

I will check to have more precise infos...

regards, and all greetings to you Andreas :D


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