1941 convoys in the Central Med & the air battle over Malta

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Re: 1941 convoys in the Central Med & the air battle over Malta

Post by phylo_roadking » 25 Jun 2009 22:36

And of course it's a precursor to further down the line, a year later...the losses of Ju52s in the Tunisia air bridge would mean that the LW is desperately short of proper transport aircraft for the Stalingrad airlift...it would be interesting to find a set of periodic Ju52 numbers in service totals, to see what way the overall Ju52 availability rose and fell. It looks as if as early as late 1941, not only are various operations and theatres in sequence impacted by losses of Ju52s, the transportverband already can't handle the needs of several fronts at once.
I wouldn't crucify Hooton over such a small matter. His two-volume book on the Luftwaffe is IMO still very good
...it's just Sod's Law that the two times in a row it's been things we've been interested in that he's been in error on :(

and evidently decrypted and typed out in great haste (note the typo where Ju 87s become Ju 88s) since intel of this sort has a much shorter best-by date than fresh fish.
It's more likely the other way round; the out-stations are taking down the raw data...and aren't exactly in a position to ask the sender to repeat! :lol: I'd say there is a far greater chance of an error in taking down the raw morse data happening there - it just gets perpetuated through the system from that point on, as it gets decrypted then pased on fo analysis.
Although I would be a little careful measuring the direct effect on the Eastern Front of all those Ju 52s going south, the disadvantages of fighting a two-front war is a point which Hooton makes strongly
I wasn't going to....but as you've raised it, I would presume that air transport plays a much greater role in a Russian winter for ALL types of supplies as other means of transport sieze up - whereas in late spring and summer again, once the Spring Thaw sets in then dries, it goes back in the main to carrying stores and personnel about for the Luftwaffe.

I'm NOT suggesting it for a divergence, but it would be interesting to look at any shortages of materiel over the turn of 1941/42 as the Wehrmacht faces the Russian counterattack... :wink:

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