Anzio : A Beached Whale or An abcess in Axis rear ?

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Re: Anzio : A Beached Whale or An abcess in Axis rear ?

Post by Carl Schwamberger » 15 Jul 2019 04:36

WGF Jackson, in his 'The Battle For Italy' generally avoids judgement, and agenda, giving a straight forward account. However his last chapter 'Conclusion' is likely the best analysis of the Italian campaign I've read. Certainly worth the time more than any discussion board sandbox fight. After 52 years its still one of the top 4-5 histories of the Italian campaign

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Re: Anzio : A Beached Whale or An abcess in Axis rear ?

Post by tigre » 03 Sep 2019 00:35

Hello to all :D; a little complement...................................

Kesselring's decision in Anzio.

In conclusion: Kesselring failed in his attempt to counterattack in Anzio, but the effort helped create a strategic stalemate that was actually a victory for the Germans. From February to May, Kesselring managed to contain the Allies both on the Gustav Line and at the Anzio beachhead. Kesselring had predicted to Hitler, during the previous debate with Rommel, that he could keep the Allies south of Rome during the winter. His efforts effectively kept the Allies well into spring. Critical decisions made in January and February regarding the Allied landings helped create successful containment in both areas.

Source: ... itner.html

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