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Re: Crusader OOB

Post by WAKEN » 20 Jan 2024 01:53

Hi all,

At the time of Operation Crusader in November 1941 the German artillery included a number of 'static' artillery units, principally Coastal Artillery Battalions 523, 528, 529 and 533 (equipped with captured French 155mm guns). They were 'static' as there was no intrinsic transport in those units.

How much of the Italian artillery was motorised?

Ariete - presumably fully motorised
Trieste - presumably fully motorised
Trento - presumably fully motorised
Savona - presumably static, i.e. with no intrinsic transport
Bardia Fortress - presumably static, i.e. with no intrinsic transport
XXI Corps - 5 Artillery Regiment??
XXI Corps - 8 Artillery Regiment??
XXI Corps - 16 Artillery Regiment??
Brescia ??
Pavia ??
Bologna ??
RECAM - presumably fully motorised

If anyone has any information on this or an educated opinion please let me know.



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