List of convoys to Libya in 1940

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List of convoys to Libya in 1940

Post by Dili » 21 Sep 2014 11:09

I have made a topic in Comando Supremo Forum listing all convoys to Libya in 1940 and cargo quantities per month - with help from Franco and Diciassette2000 -.
We also have some coastal convoys listed.

Here is the link- in first and second post. ... -to-libia/

Welcome any input, corrections.

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Re: List of convoys to Libya in 1940

Post by ladc51 » 13 Jul 2020 19:10

The link does not work anymore, as if the page was lost...

I am working on the early 1940 naval operations and I am really interested with these information : is it possible to get another link or any other way to share these information ?


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Re: List of convoys to Libya in 1940

Post by LColombo » 14 Jul 2020 10:24

The USMM book La difesa del traffico con l'Africa Settentrionale dal 1° giugno 1940 al 30 settembre 1941 contains a chronology of all convoys to North Africa in 1940 and until September 1941.

I could take photos of the 1940 pages and e-mail them to you maybe.

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