Panzer Regiment 5 OOB Query March 1941

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Re: Panzer Regiment 5 OOB Query March 1941

Post by Urmel » 15 Aug 2020 14:56

ClintHardware wrote:
15 Aug 2020 14:09
That's cool Leo but Urmel do you know why is there a difference in the data?
My mistake, shouldn't work from memory. 3. and 7. PR5 were sunk on Filzi and del Greco, 3. and 7. PR8 made it across on Ankara and Monginevro. REALLY shouldn't work from memory. The preferential rebuild of PR 8 happened in January 1942 with the tanks delivered on M.43.
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The enemy had superiority in numbers, his tanks were more heavily armoured, they had larger calibre guns with nearly twice the effective range of ours, and their telescopes were superior. 5 RTR 19/11/41

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Re: Panzer Regiment 5 OOB Query March 1941

Post by ClintHardware » 15 Aug 2020 15:14

Thanks Urmel
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