German Infantry Regiments in Tunisia

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German Infantry Regiments in Tunisia

Post by askropp » 23 Apr 2019 19:00

I hope this list is complete and correct. If not, please let me know.

Fallschirmjägerregiment 5 (later Jägerregiment Hermann Göring)
Grenadierregiment Hermann Göring (sometimes called "GR 1 HG", but I think there was no second at the time)
Luftwaffenregiment Barenthin

Verstärktes Grenadierregiment 47 (assignment to 21. PzDiv planned, but apparently not effective)
Panzergrenadierregiment 160 (nur Stab mit Stabskompanie)
Panzergrenadierregiment 165 (nur Stab)

10. Panzerdivision
Panzergrenadierregiment 69
Panzergrenadierregiment 86

15. Panzerdivision
Panzergrenadierregiment 115

21. Panzerdivision
Panzergrenadierregiment 104 (later Panzergrenadierregiment 192, planned split-up into two regiments apparently not effective)

90. Leichte Afrikadivision
Panzergrenadierregiment 155
Panzergrenadierregiment 200
Panzergrenadierregiment 361

164. Leichte Afrikadivision
Panzergrenadierregiment 125 (formerly Panzergrenadierregiment Afrika, the old PzGR 125 was apparently dissolved)
Panzergrenadierregiment 382
Panzergrenadierregiment 433

334. Infanteriedivision
Grenadierregiment 754
Grenadierregiment 755
Gebirgsjägerregiment 756

Afrika-Division 999
Afrika-Schützenregiment 961 (ohne III.)
Afrika-Schützenregiment 962 (ohne III.)
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Re: German Infantry Regiments in Tunisia

Post by frodo » 12 Jun 2019 21:01

Hi Askropp,
after heavy damages during El Alamein the PGR of 164. Light Africa Division were reorganized as follows (according to war diary) :

November 42:
PGR 382 with I./382 and I./125
PGR 433 with I./433 and II./433

End of March 43 after Battle of Mareth (Tebaga Gap) the remaining troops were organised in PGR 433 with


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