Some Anti-Tank Observations during June 1941

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Some Anti-Tank Observations during June 1941

Post by ClintHardware » 14 May 2019 10:04

Thought these might be of interest. Not sure which I Tank assault Major Forester was referring to as his three Troops (J, K and L) were supporting the 3rd Coldstreams and 2nd Scots Guards.

Major H. W. Forester 260 Battery 65th Anti-Tank Regiment (Norfolk Yeomanry)
The following observations on operations during this month are what were observed by the Battery.
1. Very bad intercommunication between Units.

2. Complete lack of information i.e. no Unit appeared to know at any time over what the local situation was and during operations 14th to 17th incl. it was never known until after the operations were over, whether or not the Halfaya Pass had ever been captured.

3. Apparent lack of air support over the vicinity of the front lines on the second day of the operations.

4. Lack of finesse shown by I Tanks in attacking a position.

5. Difficulty of hiding our portees owing to their type of construction and the height they are off the ground. Taking the canvas cover off helped to make them less obvious.

6. Inability for Batteries to get up their ‘B’ Echelon or any part of it when required, due to lack of communication with ‘B’ Echelon & ‘B’ Echelon being too far back . If L.A.D. could have been available two portees could have been salved.

7. Complete lack of 2nd Line Transport until third day of operations. ‘B’ Echelon having to do a double job i.e. to go up to forward troops & also back for supplies.

8. Finally the excellent co-operation between the Infantry and Anti-Tank troops, the infantry showing a real understanding of the handling of Anti-Tank Guns.
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Re: Some Anti-Tank Observations during June 1941

Post by gracie4241 » 01 Jun 2019 15:58

Other than that Mrs Lincoln how was the play?

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