Photos from Axis surrender in Tunisia 1943

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Photos from Axis surrender in Tunisia 1943

Post by mpyne1950 » 27 Apr 2020 03:07

These are some photos that my father brought back from his service with the US Army Air Corps in North Africa and Europe... they are apparently from Tunis after the Axis surrender in May 1943; they apparently show German/Italian officers under custody of Allied troops... either preparing to enter a vehicle or in a vehicle. One is well documented as a photo of General Von Arnim, commanding officer of the surrendered German Forces; another is apparently of the Italian General Giovanni Messe; the third photo shows two German officers in a military vehicle drive by an American private; any idea who those two are? Maybe the left hand one is Carl-Hans Lungershausen? Any help will be appreciated... thanks in advance! p.s. i am new here and hope the links to images on flickr work for these purposes... If not I will try something else... thanks ... otostream/ ... otostream/ ... otostream/

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Re: Photos from Axis surrender in Tunisia 1943

Post by frodo » 06 Jun 2020 15:01

Hi mpyne1950,
definitely not Lungershausen, because he left Africa before DAK surrender.
I'm sure, we will solve this mystery.
regards Frodo

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Re: Photos from Axis surrender in Tunisia 1943

Post by askropp » 11 Jan 2022 14:39

You should have asked this over at ABR.

Whoever that is, it is NOT Messe.

In the car are Friedrich Freiherr von Broich and Gotthard Frantz.
Er ist wieder da. Aber auch dieses Mal wird er nicht siegen!

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Re: Photos from Axis surrender in Tunisia 1943

Post by jwsleser » 11 Jan 2022 15:26

The Italian general is generale di brigata Giuseppe Costa, vice comandante di divisione corazzata «Centauro».

Pista! Jeff
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