Performance and Liddell-Hart's Strategy Maxims

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Performance and Liddell-Hart's Strategy Maxims

Post by ClintHardware » 18 Aug 2020 15:47

Looking at Urmel's post relating to Italian Performance it reminded me of Sir Basil H. Liddell-Hart's Eight Strategy Maxims. How do the various operations by either side in North Africa look when compared to them?

Adjust your end to your means.

Keep your object always in mind, while adapting your plan to circumstances.

Choose the line (or course) of least expectation.

Exploit the line of least resistance -- so long as it can lead you to any objective that would contribute to your underlying object.

Take a line of operation which offers alternative objectives.

Ensure that both plans and dispositions are flexible -- adaptable to circumstances.

Do not throw your weight into a stroke whilst your opponent is on guard -- whilst he is well placed to parry or evade it.

Do not renew an attack along the same line (or in the same form) after it has once failed.
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