'Port of Anzio' Attack on, & Operations on 29 February 1944

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'Port of Anzio' Attack on, & Operations on 29 February 1944

Post by dpast32 » 16 Jun 2022 15:31

Good Morning My Friends, As I frequently tend to do, I will solicit some information here, as I haven't been able to find anything relevant elsewhere ? Although there's much Anzio data available, none of which truly pertains to my particular concern, WHICH IS THE ACTION[S] THAT TRANSPIRED IN & AROUND THE PORT OF ANZIO, DURING THE NIGHT OF 28 - 29 FEBRUARY 1944 ? My search is document the death by Shell Fragment Wounds to U.S. Army Soldier PFC George Irving HARGRAVES, from COMPANY C, 36TH ENGINEER COMBAT REGIMENT, who was apparently on duty at that location when the assault occurred. Although couple of his unit's personnel were injured that night, 'my individual' appears to have been the single Fatality. I'm attempting to determine exactly which Enemy unit[s] were involved in that attack, & or if it was perpetrated by Luftwaffe aircraft, or by German Artillery shelling, or perhaps by both simultaneously to enhance it's effects ? So, if and here happens to be especially knowledgeable regarding this particular subject, I will deeply appreciate hearing from them !! As always, I will be interested in literally anything pertaining to either the Anzio Port, and or the events of 29 February 1944. THANK YOU Gentlemen, hopefully there's someone out there that knows 'something' about the Port of Anzio !!!

Best regards, Dom Pastore Jr.

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