Anti-Tank Warfare

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Anti-Tank Warfare

Post by KirkR63 » 26 Oct 2022 19:21

Good day All,
I am doing some preliminary research into anti-tank warfare by both the Germans and the Allies in World War 2. Furthermore, I am wondering if anyone knows or has some decent material, manuals, staff rides, books on battles/campaigns that anti-tank warfare doctrine/tactics played a significant role in the outcome of the battle

In addition, I am also researching the role of antitank history. I do have the normal books: Men Against Tanks, Tank Hunting and Tank Killers, plus some manuals on anti-mechanized defense. Any and all suggestions are very welcomed.

PS If anyone has any material written by Ernst Volckheim in English, I would also appreciate it!

Thank you all in advance>


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Re: Anti-Tank Warfare

Post by Urmel » 28 Oct 2022 16:38

There's quite a bit in the after operation analysis from the desert for the Empire side on the role of artillery in fighting tanks.
The enemy had superiority in numbers, his tanks were more heavily armoured, they had larger calibre guns with nearly twice the effective range of ours, and their telescopes were superior. 5 RTR 19/11/41

The CRUSADER Project - The Winter Battle 1941/42

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