Rommel's dash to ther wire

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Rommel's dash to ther wire

Post by Kingfish » 20 Nov 2022 12:02

I recall reading somewhere that Rommel's dash to the wire brought him close to the 8th army main supply dumps, but not knowing it existed he never attacked.

How close did he get?

Assume he captured it, how bad would the consequence have been?
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Re: Rommel's dash to ther wire

Post by Urmel » 20 Nov 2022 16:20

I think some German forces drove through the dumps.

As for the potential impact, it's hard to tell as it depends on what he would have done. Some considerations:

1) Keep dashing, let the REMFs clear out the dumps (the Sidi Rezegh battlefield and Tobruk clean-up option)
2) Stop dashing, consolidate on the dump and ensure you own it (the Mechili Jan 1942 option, but this wasn't voluntary, as there was no petrol)
3) Do either of 1) or 2) and find out you don't have the trucks to evacuate the dumps

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