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Iron Eagle
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Post by Iron Eagle » 08 Apr 2006 16:17

i am doing a research paper on how erwin rommel lost the battle of el alamein and i need some exraordinary info....anyone?

Jon G.
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Post by Jon G. » 08 Apr 2006 18:12

You have certainly come to the right place if you are seeking additional information about Rommel and the battle of El Alamein. It is much easier for other members to assist you in your queries if you pose more specific questions. Try using the forum search function

...and punch in 'rommel AND alamein' in the search field, for example. That search yields 134 topic hits/259 post hits. Take it from there, add your own knowledge to one of the 134 existing threads, or ask more specific questions here. It's difficult for other members to help you if you only ask for 'Extraordinary info'. That can mean anything.

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