Russian Artillery pre-WWI

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Russian Artillery pre-WWI

Post by Kim Sung » 02 Apr 2009 14:05

Was the gun used in the heroic last stand by navy cadet Werner Ivanovich von Kursel' (Вернер Иванович фон Курсель) and his unknown comrade in the Battle of Tsushima also 75mm/50 Pattern 1892 Canet Gun (175/50-мм пушка Канэ)?

TISO wrote:Just 20 minutes into the battle Knyaz Suvorov was thouroughly wrecked by accurate and rapid Japanese artilery fire, engulfed by flame, with damaged gun batteries and shot-off smoke stacks and masts. Most of officers were killed and admiral Rozhdestvenski was critically wounded.
Ship left the formation. Sailing alone on one part of the battlefield ship was encountered by Japanese II.division of battleships doing a monuver and fired on again.
Around 17:00 wounded admiral Rozhdestvenski was taken abourd a Russian destroyer. At the same time from Suvorovs 900 men crew around 100 were still alive. At around 18:00 Suvorov was again fired on by Japanese II. battleship division sailing past him. At the time Suvorov was still returning fire even if hugely outnumbered. Later when sea calmed a bit Japanese torpedo boats sailed into the area and found Suvorov at 19:20. One of them fired spread of torpedos at Suvorov from distance of only 300 meters and scored 3 hits. Around 10 minutes later battleship Knyaz Suvorov sunk beneath the sea. Few surviving sailors made their last stand by the last working 75mm gun and fired at at japanese torpedo boats even as ship was sinking. ... 58#p997658

War Comics on the Battle of Tsushima ... 3#p1028093

Most Heroic Stand Ever ... 3#p1185883
Документацию на 75/50-мм пушку Канэ купили в 1891 году вместе со 152/45-мм и 120/45-мм орудиями Канэ.

75/50-мм пушки были приняты только в Морском ведомст­ве. АК ГАУ в июне 1892 года рассмотрел вопрос о возможнос­ти введения 75/50-мм пушки Канэ в сухопутной артиллерии и отказался от нее.

75/50-мм пушка серийно изготавливалась на Обуховском и Пермском заводах. Обуховский завод к 1 мая 1901 года сдал 234 пушки. С 1 августа 1909 по 1 января 1917 года — 268 пушек. В 1917 году- 19 шт., в 1918-м — 0, в 1919-м - 10 шт., в 1920-м — 10 шт. и в 1921-м — 10 шт. Пермский завод в 1900 — 1907 годах сдал около 70 орудий. Затем производство приостановили до 1914 года. В 1914— 1916 годах завод поставил 103 орудия, о периоде с 1917 по 1920 год данных нет, в 1920-м - 30, в 1921-м —23, в 1922-м —22 орудия. В дальнейшем выпуск их на заводе был прекращен.

This gun was built under a license purchased from the French designer Canet in 1891. It went into production in 1892 at the OSZ and Perm' factories in Russia. Between 1891 and 1921 OSZ made 551 guns and Perm' made an additional 248 guns. These guns were used as anti-torpedo boat weapons on almost every Russian ship built between 1892 and 1910. ... _m1891.htm

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Re: Russian Artillery pre-WWI

Post by Hanski » 25 Jul 2009 18:38

Hello Mike,

I wonder if this royalty-free photo is of interest to you: ... rrison.php


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Re: Russian Artillery pre-WWI

Post by Mike Blake » 25 Jul 2009 21:03


Thanks for the lead. Although the gun in the link is too heavy, there may be others there which are of the field gun I need - I will take a look.


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