Ritterkreuzträger in der Nationalen Volksarmee der DDR

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Ritterkreuzträger in der Nationalen Volksarmee der DDR

Post by Ken McCanliss » 16 Oct 2002 23:06

The following Knight's Cross holders saw service in the East German NVA:

GenMaj. Wilhelm Adam
GenMaj. Otto Korfes
Oberst Walter Lehweß-Litzmann
Oberst Paul Markgraf
GenLt. Vincenz Müller
Oberst Willy Riedel
Oberst Fritz Schrekenbach

Source: http://www.das-ritterkreuz.de

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Re: Ritterkreuzträger in der Nationalen Volksarmee der DDR

Post by Marcus » 29 Oct 2011 09:55

A post dealing with the WW2 service of Fritz Schrekenbach was split off into a new thread at http://forum.axishistory.com/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=183107


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Re: Ritterkreuzträger in der Nationalen Volksarmee der DDR

Post by Tamari » 12 Sep 2021 15:13


Paul Markgraf served in various branches like the Kasernierte Volkspolizei (predecessor of Nationale Volksarmee), the GDR Border police (Grenzpolizei later renamed Grenztruppen) and the Bereitschaftspolizei.

Possibly he had also served as Chief of Staff of the Wachregiment Feliks Dzierzynski which was subordinated to the GDR's Ministry of State Security (MfS or STASI). The regiment had fulfilled guards and ceremonial duties for state and party officials and was tasked to safeguard the areals and objects of the MfS but the unit was also equipped like a ordinary motorized rifle division and had in 1989 with over 11.000 members divisional size.


Markgraf was in 1970 due to his 60th birthday greeted by the central committee of the ruling SED party. He was also awarded by the Minister of State Security General of the Army (Armeegeneral) Erich Mielke with the "Kampforden für Verdienste um Volk und Vaterland in Silber".

source: Peter Joachim Lapp/ Hagen Koch: "Die Garde des Erich Mielke - Der militärisch-operative Arm des MfS. Das Wachregiment Feliks Dzierzynski", page 132

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