An Ancient Jewish Sect

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An Ancient Jewish Sect

Post by Davey Boy » 28 Apr 2002 04:54

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Post by Ovidius » 28 Apr 2002 10:08

They were not the only case. The few Khazars encountered in Crimea were also spared, on the grounds that they were "Judaicized"/converted Gentiles, and not real Jews.

Actually there are theories that claim the Khazars were the descendants of a group of Jews who immigrated to practice further the ancient Jewish religion, not "corrupted" by the Jerusalem priests. Thus they were "more Jewish than the original Jews".

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Funnily enough, the image of Jews as nasty money lenders actually was a creation of the Catholic church. As lending money was forbidden to Catholics (or at least those who strictly adheered to the religion for most of the previous centuries) the Jews found a nice little economic niche for themselves, very ingenius I thought.

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