West Germany's Willy Brandt

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West Germany's Willy Brandt

Post by South » 09 Apr 2019 14:02


Good morning all,

Head Note: This article has some interesting Cold War material concurrent with it being loaded with current events throughout. Thus, I am doing 2 things to keep me / us in AHF compliance: I added the "*" throughout link so that I am not readily and easily providing verbotten material. I am also alerting AHF historians that the article mentions current prominent names in the news and discussion must be avoided.

Article is about West Germany's Chancellor Willy Brandt and a / "the" Bundestag scandal. This involved Brandt's reconciliation with the USSR and Poland.

Note the Kissinger quote to Nixon: "This is the first time in the whole postwar history that anyone has attempted a vote of no confidence".

The purchase of votes ?! In the land of Gott Mit Uns ?!

Note that Jules Steiner and Leo Wagner "drank recklessly, partied excessively and accumulated significant debts". They are most definitely not American elected officials. US politicians become "of substantial means" from their devoted service to country.

Note the mentioned "Watergate in Bonn".

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