Yom Kippur alternative

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Yom Kippur alternative

Post by Kingfish » 28 Apr 2019 22:06

Assuming that instead of launching their abortive attack on 10/14 the Egyptians decided to remain on the defensive (and within their SAM umbrella).

How would that have affected the Israeli strategy going forward?
Do they risk crossing the canal with two Egyptian armored divisions waiting on the west bank?
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RE: Yom Kippur Alternative

Post by Robert Rojas » 07 Sep 2019 19:38

Greetings to both brother Kingfish and the community as a whole. Howdy Kingfish! Well sir, in respect to your introductory posting of Sunday - April 28, 2019 - 1:06pm, old yours truly had to do a double take when I noticed that YOU were the author of this creation. It seems that most threads gravitating upon the Arab-Israeli Conflicts (Plural) are generated by the contributor who goes by the nom de plume of "von Schadewald" under the guise of the WHAT IF section of the forum. Now that I have the niceties out of the way, if my now fading recollection serves, the Chief-Of-Staff of the Egyptian Army (Saad el Shazly) vehemently argued AGAINST redeploying the two armored formations in question into the Sinai Peninsula. Again, if my now fading recollection serves, General Shazly also vehemently argued AGAINST the ill advised armored operation which began and ended ignominiously on September 10, 1973. In terms of addressing your inquiries, I rather suspect (RIGHTLY of WRONGLY) that the collective brain trust of the Israeli Defense Force would NOT have gone through with their own daring counterattack across the Suez Canal deemed as OPERATION GAZELLE. Given the degree of casualty psychosis now permeating the thought processes of the Israeli Defense Force, the prospect of OPERATION GAZELLE being defeated in detail on the continent of Africa were simply not acceptable military OR political options. Conversely, Israeli Military Intelligence would have undoubtedly known about the presence of the two armored formations on the Western Bank of the Suez Canal. In the final analysis, the potential cost in both lives and material was simply not worth it - especially with cease fire negotiations in progress. Well, that's my initial two Yankee cents worth on this continuing saga into the maelstrom of Arab-Israeli relations. As always, I would like to bid you an especially copacetic day from sea to shining sea. Say hello to Andy Brown.

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