Poles exiled to Siberia - 1860's

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Poles exiled to Siberia - 1860's

Post by lynj » 01 Jan 2020 04:35

Hi everyone

Can anyone suggest an index for me to search a Polish ancestor who was sent (maybe from Warsaw) to Siberia sometime during the 1860's? The story handed down through family members was that he did escape- Name of Piotr Snarski along with Henry Kupfer who then found their way very bravely and miraculously to Australia. Would love to get some details on where they were sent to in Siberia, how long for and reasons for being exiled.

Many thanks

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Re: Poles exiled to Siberia - 1860's

Post by henryk » 01 Jan 2020 20:37

Try https://genealogia.okiem.pl/powstanies/ ... p?sybir=on
English version does not work
Try the search screen in: Katalog Powstańców Styczniowych (January Uprising).
Also try the list of surnames.

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Re: Poles exiled to Siberia - 1860's

Post by LynJohn » 15 Sep 2020 06:55

I am still trying to find any information on Piotr Snarski who was sent to Siberia during the 1860's sometime, probably during the January Uprising. I believe he was a radicalist. Any english based websites you could suggest please for me to search for him?
Thanks henryk I was unable to find anything on Piotr but appreciate your response.
Thankyou everyone.

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