October 3, 1968

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October 3, 1968

Post by Globalization41 » 30 May 2020 14:08

10/3/1968, Cardinal Ace Bob Gibson Fans 17 Tigers in World Series Opener; Brock HR & SB; 31-Game Winner McLain Wild

10/3/1968, Gibson Gives Tigers More Breaks than Bargained For & Surpasses Sandy Koufax Whiff Record; Pitch Count 144

10/3/1968, NBC Will Televise Game Two of World Series from St. Louis; Lolich Faces BrilesFinal Standings, 9/30/1968

10/3/1968, N. Viet Envoy in Paris Charges U.S. Intends to Attack & Dominate All of Vietnam; Hanoi Refuses Any Reciprocity

10/3/1968, China's Communist Party Chairman Mao Tse-tung Promotes Wife from No. 9 to No. 6 in Communist Hierarchy

Red China Marks 19th Anniversary with Widening of Mao's 26-Month Purge to "Purify" Chinese Communist Party, 10/2/1968

10/3/1968, Two Canadian MPs on Way to Biafra for First-Hand Observation of Famine & Civil WarMap, Biafra, Wikipedia

Nigerian Federal Army Tightens Squeeze on Shrunken Breakaway State of Biafra, 10/2/1968Map, Nigeria, Google

At Least 70 Killed When Nigerian Plane Bombs Market in Secessionist State Biafra; Biggest Toll of Civil War, 2/20/1968

10/3/1968; Army Troops in Mexico City Open Fire on Rioters, At Least Seven Killed; Olympics Threatened, Part 1Part 2

10/3/1968, Three U.S. Choppers Lost in Nam; A-4 Skyhawk Shot Down in North While Spotting for Battleship New Jersey

U.S. Battleship New Jersey Comes Out of Retirement with Vengeance; Big Guns Go into Action Off Viet Coast, 10/1/1968

N. Viet Units Concentrating in Mountains & Rice Paddies Surrounding U.S. Special Forces Camp at Thuong Duc; 10/2/1968

10/3/1968, Czech Reds to Discuss Timetable with Moscow for Withdrawal of Occupation Troops from Czechoslovakia

10/3/1968, Washington State Insurance Commissioner Sets Regs for Assuring Reinsurance of Property in Riot-Prone Areas

M.L.K.'s Assassination Sparks Wave of Riots, Violence, Looting, & Destruction of Property by Teenage Gangs; 4/9/1968

Business League (After Expressing Regrets for Looting) Cites Need for Insurance to Assist Ghetto Businesses, 4/9/1968

10/3/1968, Thriving E. North Carolina Ag Voters Favor Wallace or Nixon; High Welfare Payments Add to Labor Shortage

10/3/1968, All 16,000 Air National Guardsmen Mobilized After Pueblo Incident Will Return to Civilian Life By June 30

N. Korean Patrol Boats Hijack U.S. Navy Spy Ship Pueblo; N. Korean Hit Team Loose in South, 1/23/1968, Part 1Part 2

10/3/1968, George Wallace V.P. Mate to Be Bomber Chief Gen. LeMay (& Father of Strategic Air Command), Part 1Part 2

S.A.C. Scrambles B-52 Alert Crews in Demo for Presidential Candidate John Kennedy, 8/22/1960Photo, B-52s, Wikipedia

10/3/1968, Trial of Accused Assassin for Murder of Sen. Robert Kennedy Expected to Be Delayed Until After First of Year

10/3/1968, V.P. Nominee Sen. Muskie Skeptical that Nixon's Silence on Vietnam Is Due to Possible Disruption of Peace Talks

10/3/1968, [Ex-Peace Candidate] McCarthy Refuses to Endorse Humphrey for Pres. Unless Draft & War Planks Changed

10/3/1968, V.P. Nominee Agnew Modifies Anti-Wiretapping Stance (After A.G. Clark Criticism) to Ok if Court Ordered


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October 3, 1968

Post by Globalization41 » 28 Jun 2020 14:21

10/3/1968, Students Riot in Mexica City, Gangs Throw Gasoline Bombs, Troops MG Protesters, Battle Casts Shadow Over Olympics

10/3/1968, Humphrey (Once Mayor of Minneapolis) Reminds 13,000 at Charlotte He's Better Law & Order Candidate than Wallace

Map, Mexico City, Google [Many Bodies Reported in Plaza of Three Cultures]Map, Minneapolis, GoogleMap, Charlotte, Google

10/3/1968, Wallace Supporters Scream & Stomp at Pittsburgh Rally Next to Ghetto; Wallace & V.P.-Pick LeMay Want to Win Viet War

10/3/1968, Leader of Anti-War Protesters at Democratic Convention David Dillinger Challenges House Committee to TV Debate

Chicago Police Intercept Anti-War Protesters Marching on Democratic Convention; Many Head Fractures, 8/29/1968, Part 1Part 2

10/3/1968, Secretary of State Rusk in U.N. Speech to 125 Nations Denounces Soviet-Led Invasion of Czechoslovakia, Part 1Part 2

Soviet Troops & Tanks Occupy Czechoslovakia, 8/21/1968Map, Czechoslovakia, 1939, WikipediaMap, Czechoslovakia, Wikipedia

Aussie Tours Czechoslovakia, Fine Buildings, Men & Women Work Fields, Geese & Poultry, Roads Lined with Fruit Trees, 6/23/1933

Hitler & German Troops Occupy W. Czechoslovakia, Map Shows Routes, Czech & Slovak Nations Bid Farewell by Wireless, 3/16/1939

50.000 Czech Men & Women Executed (Not Including Jews) Since Start of Nazi Takeover; Many Deported for Forced Labor, 7/26/1943

10/3/1968, Weekly U.S. Combat Deaths in Vietnam Drop to 247; U.S. Troops In S. Vietnam Number 538,500Map, Saigon, Google

10/3/1968, Secretary of Defense Clark Clifford Compares Current Weapons Costs to WWII; Subs Up From $4.7 Million to $77 Million


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