Swiss and Austrian Generals and Commanders Pictures

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Swiss and Austrian Generals and Commanders Pictures

Post by Telkontar » 15 Sep 2020 21:17

OK, first of all, I am new here, I just registrated here, so excuse me if I chose the wrong subforum for this question.

Back to the topic, I have a very specific problem. I am doing a research for an upcoming WW2 hex turn based strategy game. We are looking for pictures, as you might guess from the titles of Swiss and Austrian pre anschluss generasl and commanders, to be used in game for commander portraits. Therfore, pictures should be free, in public domain or given with the permisson to be used in a commercial game.

Obviously, its very hard to find such material, as Austria got annexed and Switzerland was uninvolved in war so there are not many generals or commanders and their pictures around.

Can anyone help in either providing the pictures, or giving useful help as to where we could find them? Also giving the names of generals, high ranking officers or famouse soldiers from that era could also help.

Obviously, we tried wikipedia, stockphoto, basic google image search etc?

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